Procedures for Retrieving Records

  1. To request files and/or entire boxes stored at the University Records Center, the office of origin should call the URC at 898-9432. The URC staff member handling the request will need the following information:

  2. - Your department's customer code.

    - Your name and telephone number.

    - File identification (name, title, number, etc.) of each file you are requesting and the departmental box number in which it can be found.

    - If an entire box is needed only the departmental box number is required; and please indicate that the entire box is wanted.

    - Where and to whom the request is to be delivered.

  3. Normal delivery is no later than the next day; morning requests are generally delivered that afternoon; afternoon requests are generally delivered the next morning. This delivery schedule is based on where the files are stored: 4015 Walnut Street or at our other location, 5001 Lancaster Avenue. One delivery per day is made from the 5001 Lancaster Avenue location.

Photo of University Records staff preparing records for delivery