Penn's National Government Officials:
A Selected Roster of Penn Alumni, Faculty and Trustees

These rosters identify Penn alumni, faculty and trustees who have served in notable positions in governments both foreign and domestic. These rosters were researched, compiled and presented by Scott W. Hawley (B.A., 1992; B.S. in Econ., 1992) in partnership with the University Archives and Records Center published February-August 2002, updated August 2002.


Photograph of Robert Adams, Jr.

Penn and the U.S. Congress

black and white photo of Barbara Hackman Franklin

Penn Advises the President:
U.S. Cabinet Officers and Other Presidential Appointees

Penn and the U.S. Supreme Court

image of Martin Meyerson and Jerome H. Holland

Franklin's Legacy: Penn's Diplomats

Penn's Heads of State and Government

photograph of Manuel A. Roxas II

Penn's National Administrators in Foreign Governments