Penn's Leadership in Higher Education
Selected Rosters of Alumni, Faculty and Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania who have served as:
Chief Executive Officers of Institutions of Higher Education, surnames K to Z

Scholars and the general public alike recognize Benjamin Franklin as the founding genius of the University of Pennsylvania. Few, however, know that Penn's genius for founding has helped spread higher education throughout the United States and the rest of the world. Scott W. Hawley and the University Archives and Records Center present forty two founding geniuses in the list that follows below. Additions are solicited.

This roster has been researched, compiled and presented by Scott W. Hawley (B.A., 1992; B.S. in Econ., 1992) in partnership with the University Archives and Records Center published July 2003. These entries have been arranged by surname in alphabetical order from A to Z.



Larry R. KAISER Born ca. 1951; University of Pennsylvania: John Rhea Barton Professor and Chairman of Surgery in the School of Medicine; President of University of Texas Health Science Center, 2008-present; living.
Orville Edward KEAN Born 1938; University of Pennsylvania: Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy), 1971; President of the University of the Virgin Islands, 1990-2002; living.
George KIDD, Jr. Born 1938; University of Pennsylvania: Ph.D., 1968; President of Tiffin University, 1981-2002; living.
Raynard Stuart KINGTON Born 1960; University of Pennsylvania: Wharton M.B.A., 1988, and Ph.D., 19, also Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholar; President of Grinnell College, 2010-present; living.
A. Richard KNEEDLERBorn 1943; University of Pennsylvania: Ph.D., 1970; President of Franklin and Marshall College, 1988-2002; living.
Donald N. LANGENBERGBorn 1932; University of Pennsylvania: Assistant Professor of Physics, 1960-1964; Associate Professor of Physics, 1964-1967; Professor of Physics and Electrical Engineering, 1967-1983; Hon. Sc.D. (Doctor of Science), 1985; Trustee, 1990-2000; Chancellor of the University System of Maryland, 1990-2002; living.
Arnold J. LEVINE

Born 1939; University of Pennsylvania: Ph.D., 1966; Hon. Sc.D., 1996; President of Rockefeller University, 1998-2002; living.

Peter J. LIACOURASBorn 1931; University of Pennsylvania: LL.B. (Bachelor of Laws, Law School), 1956; President of Temple University, 1982-2000; Chancellor of Temple University, 2000-present; living.
Anthony W. MARXBorn 1959; University of Pennsylvania: Special Assistant to the President, 1981-1983; President of Amherst College, 2003-present; living.
Richard Sharpe MASON Born 1795; University of Pennsylvania: A.B. (Bachelor of Arts), 1812; Hon. D.D. (Doctor of Divinity), 1830; President of Geneva College (now Hobart and William Smith Colleges), 1830-1835; President of Newark College (now University of Delaware), 1835-1837; died 1874.
George William MCCLELLANDBorn 1880; University of Pennsylvania: A.B., 1903; A.M., 1912; Ph.D., 1916; Assistant Professor of English, 1917-1925; Director of Admissions, 1921-1931; Vice Provost and Professor of English, 1925-1951; Hon. LL.D., 1931; Vice President in charge of the Undergraduate Schools, 1931-1939; Provost, 1939-1944; President of the University of Pennsylvania, 1944-1948; Chairman, 1948-1951; Trustee, 1948-1955; died 1955.
Irving P. MCPHAILBorn 1949; University of Pennsylvania: Ed.D. (Doctor of Education, School of Education), 1976; President of Lemoyne-Owen College, 1993-1995; President of St. Louis Community College at Florissant Valley, 1995-1998; Chancellor of the Community College of Baltimore County, 1998-present; living.
Martin MEYERSONBorn 1922; University of Pennsylvania: Professor of City and Regional Planning, 1956-1957; Hon LL.D., 1970; President of the University of Pennsylvania, 1970-1981; living.
Kenneth P. MORTIMERBorn 1939; University of Pennsylvania: A.B., 1960; M.B.A. (Master of Business Administration, Wharton School of Finance and Commerce), 1962; President of Western Washington University, 1988-1993; President of the University of Hawai'i, 1993-2001; living.
Henry MORTONBorn 1836; University of Pennsylvania: A.B., 1857; Hon. Sc.D., 1897; Professor of Chemistry, 1869-1870; President of Stevens Institute of Technology, 1870-1902; died 1902.
John J. MULLOWNEYBorn 1878; University of Pennsylvania: M.D., 1908; President of Meharry Medical College, 1921-1938; died 1952.
Franklin David MURPHY Born 1916; University of Pennsylvania, M.D., 1941; Chancellor of the University of Kansas, 1951-1959; Chancellor of the University of California at Los Angeles, 1960-1968; died 1994.
Frederick C. NAHM

Born 1947; University of Pennsylvania: Vice President for Development and Community Relations, 1986-1991; Senior Vice President for Planning and Development, 1991-1993; President of Knox College, 1993-1998; living.

Merle M. ODGERSBorn 1900; University of Pennsylvania: A.B., 1922; A.M. (Master of Arts), 1924; Ph.D., 1928; Hon. Litt.D. (Doctor of Letters), 1948; Assistant Professor of Latin, 1928-1936; Professor of Latin, 1936; Dean of the College of Liberal Arts for Women, 1933-1936; President of Bucknell University, 1954-1964; died 1983.
John Grubb PARKEBorn 1827; Attended the College of the University of Pennsylvania, 1843-1844, but did not earn a degree; Superintendent of the United States Military Academy, 1887-1889; died 1900.
William Platt PEPPERBorn 1837; University of Pennsylvania: A.B., 1857; President of the Pennsylvania Museum and School of Industrial Art (now Philadelphia University), 1882-1894; died 1907.
Austin A. PHELPSBorn 1820; University of Pennsylvania: A.B., 1837; President of Andover Theological Seminary, 1869-1879 (now Andover Newton Theological School); died 1890.
Jesus T. PINEROBorn 1897; Attended Towne School of Engineering, University of Pennsylvania, 1915-1916, but did not earn a degree; Chancellor of the University of Puerto Rico, 1946-1948; died 1952.
John Edwin POMFRET Born 1898; University of Pennsylvania: A.B., 1920; A.M., 1922; Ph.D., 1928; Hon. LL.D., 1943; President of the College of William and Mary, 1942-1951; died 1981.
Steven G. POSKANZERBorn 1959; University of Pennsylvania, Assistant General Counsel, 1985-1988; Associate General Counsel, 1988-1993; President of the State University of New York at New Paltz, 2001-present; living.
Cornelius William PRETTYMAN Born 1872; University of Pennsylvania: Ph.D., 1899; President of Dickinson College, 1944-1946; died 1946.
Thomas READ

Born 1746; University of Pennsylvania: A.B., 1766; President of Newark Academy (now the University of Delaware), 1805-1818; died 1823.

Irvin D. REIDBorn 1940; University of Pennsylvania: A.M., 1970; Ph.D., 1975; President of Montclair State University, 1989-1997; President of Wayne State University, 1997-present; living.
Oscar E. REMICKBorn 1932; University of Pennsylvania: A.M., 1957; President of Alma College, 1980-1987; President of Westminster College, 1987-1997; Chancellor of Westminster College, 1997-2002; died 2002.
Earl S. RICHARDSONBorn 1944; University of Pennsylvania: Ed.D., 1976; President of Morgan State University, 1984-present; living.
Judith S. RODINBorn 1944; University of Pennsylvania: A.B., 1966; President of the University of Pennsylvania, 1994-present; living.
Mordechai ROZANSKIBorn 1947; University of Pennsylvania: Ph.D., 1974; President of the University of Guelph, 1993-2003; President of Rider University, 2003-present; living.
L. Timothy RYANBorn 1958; University of Pennsylvania: Ed.D., 2003; President of the Culinary Institute of America, 2001-present; living.
Charles Ashmead SCHAEFFERBorn 1843; University of Pennsylvania: A.B., 1861; President of Iowa State University, 1887-1898; died 1898.
Charles Frederick SCHAEFFER Born 1807; University of Pennsylvania: A.B., 1827; President of the Lutheran Theological Seminary of Philadelphia, 1864-1879; died 1879.
Morton Owen SCHAPIRO Born 1953; University of Pennsylvania: Ph.D., 1979; President of Williams College, 2000-present; living.
Stephen D. SCHUTTBorn 1954; University of Pennsylvania: Chief of Staff, 1995-2001; Vice President, 1996-2001; President of Lake Forest College, 2001-present; living.
Thomas F. SCHUTTE Born 1935; University of Pennsylvania: Assistant Professor of Marketing, 1966-1971; Assistant Dean of Wharton and Associate Professor of Marketing, 1971-1975; President of the Philadelphia College of Art (now University of the Arts), 1975-1983; President of the Rhode Island School of Design, 1983-1992; President of Pratt Institute, 1993-present; living.
John Ahlum SHAEFFERBorn 1886; University of Pennsylvania: Ph.D., 1908; Hon. LL.D., 1940; President of Franklin and Marshall College, 1935-1941; died 1941.
John W. SHUMAKERBorn 1942; University of Pennsylvania: A.M., 1966; Ph.D., 1969; President of Central Connecticut State University, 1987-1995; President of the University of Louisville, 1995-2002; President of the University of Tennessee, 2002-present; living.
Hugo F. SONNENSCHEINBorn 1941; University of Pennsylvania: Thomas S. Gates Professor of Economics and Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences, 1988-1991; President of the University of Chicago, 1993-2000; living.
Axel D. STEUERBorn 1943; University of Pennsylvania: Ph.D., 1974; President of Gustavus Adolphus College, 1991-2002; President of Illinois College, 2003-present; living.
Donald M. STEWARTBorn 1938; University of Pennsylvania: Executive Assistant to the President, 1970-1972; President of Spelman College, 1976-1987; living.
Richard J. STONESIFERBorn 1922; University of Pennsylvania: Ph.D., 1953; President of Monmouth University, 1971-1979; died 1999.
Jon C. STRAUSSBorn 1940; University of Pennsylvania: Director of Computing Activities, 1974-1975; Executive Director of the University Budget, 1975-1979; Vice President of Budget and Finance, 1979-1980; Professor of Computer and Information Science and Professor of Management, 1974-1975, Professor of Decision Science, 1975-1980; President of Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 1986-1994; President of Harvey Mudd College, 1997-present; living.
David A. TEUTSCHBorn 1950; University of Pennsylvania: Ph.D., 1991; President of Reconstructionist Rabbinical College, 1993-2002; living.
Samuel O. THIER Born 1937; University of Pennsylvania: Associate Professor of Medicine, 1969-1972; Professor of Medicine, 1972-1975; President of Brandeis University, 1991-1994; living.
Shirley M. Caldwell TILGHMAN

Born 1946; University of Pennsylvania: Adjunct Associate Professor of Human Genetics and Biochemistry, 1980-1986; President of Princeton University, 2001-present; living.

Humphrey R. TONKINBorn 1939; University of Pennsylvania: Assistant Professor of English, 1966-1971; Associate Professor, 1971-1980; Professor of English, 1980-1983; President of the State University of New York at Potsdam, 1983-1989; President of the University of Hartford, 1989-1999; living.
Norman Hawes TOPPING Born 1908; University of Pennsylvania: Vice President of Medical Affairs, 1952-1958; Chancellor of the University of Southern California, 1971-1980; died 1997.
Rexford G. TUGWELLBorn 1891; University of Pennsylvania: B.S. in Econ. (Bachelor of Science in Economics, Wharton School), 1915 ; A.M., 1916; Ph.D., 1922; Hon. LL.D., 1971; Chancellor of the University of Puerto Rico, 1941-1946; died 1979.
Claude R. WELCHBorn 1922; University of Pennsylvania: Berg Professor of Religious Thought, 1960-1971; President of Graduate Theological Union at Berkeley, 1971-1982; living.
James Patriot WILSONBorn 1809; University of Pennsylvania, A.B., 1826; Hon. D.D., 1848; President of Delaware College (now the University of Delaware), 1847-1850; died 1889.
Mark G. YUDOFBorn 1944; University of Pennsylvania: A.B., 1965; LL.B., 1968; President of the University of Minnesota, 1997-2002; Chancellor of the University of Texas System, 2002-present; living.
Paul J. ZINGGBorn 1945; University of Pennsylvania: assistant to the president, 1983-1986; vice dean for undergraduate studies and admissions, 1979-1983; assistant dean for academic advising, 1978-1979; adjunct assistant/associate professor of American civilization, 1978-1986; California State University, Chico: president, 2004-present; living.



Photograph of Humphrey Tonkin
Humphrey R. Tonkin. (1939- )


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