Penn's Leadership in Higher Education
Selected Rosters of Alumni, Faculty and Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania:
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"When Benjamin Franklin put pen to paper in 1749 he launched a revolution with his pamphlet Proposals for the Education of Youth in Pensilvania, which advocated a fresh, innovative approach to higher education. Franklin's grand experiment, known today as the University of Pennsylvania, has produced generations of men and women who have championed the pursuit of higher education around the world. Whether founding new institutions or presiding over existing ones, these men and women have carried Franklin's vision to remarkable heights."

Scott W. Hawley, July 2003


These rosters of Penn men and women who have founded and led institutions of higher education were researched, compiled and presented by Scott W. Hawley (B.A., 1992; B.S. in Econ., 1992) in partnership with the University Archives and Records Center, published February 2002 and updated July 2003.



Photograph of Joseph Trimble Rothrock

Founders and First Chief Executives of Other Institutions of Higher Education

Portrait of Edmund Janes James

Penn-Trained Chief Executives of Institutions of Higher Education (A-J)

Photograph of Humphrey R. Tonkin

Penn-Trained Chief Executive Officers of Institutions of Higher Education (K-Z)