Selected Awards and Honors to Penn Faculty:
Provost's Awards

The Provost's Award for Distinguished Teaching was established in 1988 as a teaching award similar to the Lindback Award, but given only to full-time members of the associated faculty or academic support staff. Awards are granted each year for distinguished teaching in health and non-health areas.

The Provost's Award for Distinguished Ph.D. Teaching and Mentoring was established in 2004 specifically to honor faculty who mentor Ph.D. students. This prize is intended to underscore the University's strategic emphasis on graduate education.



Distinguished Teaching by
Associated Faculty and Support Staff in:

Health Schools

Non-Health Schools

Distinguished PH.D.
Teaching and Mentoring


Beth Hogan Quigley, Senior Lecturer, School of Nursing

Melissa Hunt, Associate Director of Clinical Training, Department of Psychology, School of Arts & Sciences

Robert DeRubeis, Samuel H. Preston Term Professor in the Social Sciences and Professor of Psychology in the School of Arts & Sciences

Marybeth Gasman, Professor of Higher Education, Graduate School of Education


Richard Summers, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Co-Director of Residency Training Program, School of Medicine

Amy Jordan, Adjunct Full Professor, Annenberg School for Communication

Russell Composto, Professor of Material Science and Engineering, School of Engineering and Applied Science

Rogers Smith, Christopher H. Browne Distinguished Professor of Political Science, School of Arts & Sciences


Wendy Grube, Practice Assistant Professor, School of Nursing

Jonathan Fiene, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics, SEAS

Haim Bau, Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics, School of Engineering and Applied Science

Rita Copeland, Sheli Z. and Burton X. Rosenberg Professor of the Humanities and Professor of Classical Studies and English, School of Arts & Sciences


Eric Goren, Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine, School of Medicine

Bruce Kothmann, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics, SEAS

David Leatherbarrow, Professor of Architecture and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, School of Design

Mark Pauly, Bendheim Professor and Professor of Health Care Management, Wharton


Benoit Dubé, Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry, School of Medicine

Rebecca Stein, Senior Lecturer in the Deparatment of Economics, SAS

Lawrence Brown, Miers Busch Professor in the Department of Statistics, Wharton School

Paul Guyer, Florence R.C. Murray Professor in the Humanities and Professor of Philosophy, SAS


Carolyn L. Cambor, Associate Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine in the School of Medicine

Brian Keith, Adjunct Professor of Biology in the School of Arts and Sciences, SAS

Margreta de Grazia, Professor of the Humanities and Professor of English, SAS

Renata Holod, Professor of the History of Art, SAS


Connie Scanga, Practice Assistant Professor of Physiology in the School of Nursing

Deborah Burnham, Lecturer and Associate Undergraduate Chair in the Department of English, SAS

Kathleen D. Hall, Associate Professor in the Graduate School of Education and in the Department of Anthropology, SAS

Phyllis Solomon, Professor in the School of Social Policy & Practice and Professor of Social Work in Psychiatry in the School of Medicine


Tom Faust, Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine, School of Medicine

Anne Drury Hall, Lecturer in Department of English, SAS

Nancy Hornberger, Professor of Education and Director of Educational Linguistics, GSE

Robert Schuyler, Associate Professor and Graduate Group Chair of Anthropology and Associate Curator-in-Charge of the Historical Archaeology Section of the University Museum


James White, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Cell and Developmental Biology, School of Medicine

Tom Cassel, Practice Professor and Director of the Engineering Entrepreneurship Program, SEAS

Michael B. Katz, Professor of History, SAS

Mitchell P. Marcus, RCA Professor of Artificial Intelligence, SEAS


Michael Baime, Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine

Louis Rulli, Practice Professor of Law

Charles Bosk, Professor of Sociology

Arthur H. Johnson, Professor of Earth and Environmental Science


Henry R. Bleier, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry

Paul Hendrickson, Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing, Department of English

Dr. Lila Gleitman, Professor Emerita of Psychology and Linguistics

Dr. Michael P. Nusbaum, Professor of Neuroscience


Deborah Becker, Interim Director of the Acute Care Nurse Practioner Program, School of Nursing

Edward Crotty, Associate Director of the Undergraduate Program in Mathematics, Department of Mathematics

Stuart Curran, Professor of English

Amos B. Smith, Rhodes-Thompson Professor of Chemistry


Lucy Rorke, Clinical Professor of Pediatric Pathology

David Eisenhower, Senior Fellow and Head of the Institute for Public Service of the Annenberg Public Policy Center



Uri Hangorsky, Clinical Associate Professor of Periodontics, School of Dental Medicine

Jennifer Morse, Lecturer in Mathematics


Annemarie Weber, Emeritus Professor of Biochemistry and Biophysics

Yvette Bordeaux, Instructor in Earth and Environmental Science


MaryAnn Lafferty-Della Valle, Adjunct Associate Professor of Nursing

Gomaa Omar, Research Assistant Professor of Geology



Janet Tighe, Lecturer in History and Sociology of Science


Patricia Dunphy, Lecturer in Nursing

Lorene Cary, in the Writing Program, English


Valerie Cotter, Lecturer in Nursing

Ayelet Lindenstrauss, Lecturer in Mathematics


Linda Jacobs, Lecturer in Nursing

David Rudovsky, Senior Fellow in the Law School


Elizabeth Capezzuti, Lecturer in Nursing

George Thomas, Lecturer in Urban Studies


Cecilia Seigle, Lecturer in Japanese Studies



Christine Ann Grant, Lecturer in Nursing



Arnold Weisgold, Clinical Professor of Periodontics

Elaine Simon, Assistant Director, Urban Studies



Diana Robertson, Senior Fellow, Legal Studies


Linda V. Walsh, Lecturer in Nursing

Clelia Mallory, Senior Lecturer in Chemistry


Paul Orsini, Lecturer in Veterinary Medicine

Nora Magid, Senior Lecturer in English