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Joyce M. Randolph (living in 2007)

University Affiliation:
  • Professor of German
  • Director of the Office of International Programs
Biographical Summary:


Joyce M. Randolph, born in a Japanese concentration camp, earned all of her degrees at the University of Toronto: a Bachelor's Degree in German and French in 1965, a Master's Degree in German in 1967 and her Doctorate in German in 1971.

After teaching at the University of Guelph, a small college in Canada, she became an assistant professor in the department of Germanic languages and literature at the University of Pennsylvania in 1973. From 1976 to 1978 she was the faculty advisor at Deutsches Haus and the undergraduate chairperson of Germanic languages and literature, as well as the chairman of that department. In August 1978, she became an assistant dean in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences for academic advising and a lecturer in Germanic languages and literature. From 1977-1978 she became a consultant to Humphrey R. Tonkin, then the Director of the Office of International Programs. She became Executive Assistant to the Provost (then Vartan Gregorian) from fall 1979 to spring 1981, after which she was awarded a fellowship to strengthen leadership in postsecondary education. This was a one year internship at the administrative level which ended in spring 1982.

Randolph became the Director of the Office of International Programs in 1983 and retained that position for over twenty years, where she oversaw an increased awareness of internationalization on the Penn campus.


Photograph of Joyce M. Randolph




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