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Richard D. Lambert (born 1923)

University Affiliation:
  • A.B. 1946, M.A. 1947, Ph.D. 1951
  • Chairman of the South Asia Regional Studies Department
  • Director of the Office of International Programs
Biographical Summary:
  • President of the American Academy of Political and Social Science
  • Author of works on South Asia


Born in Philadelphia in 1923, Lambert briefly attended both Girard College and Biarritz American University, but he graduated from Indiana University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1946, having completed a four-year course of study in a year and a half. This is due to the fact that he had gone into military service during World War II. In the United States Army he was in the Signal Corps from 1943 to 1946. The Army had Lambert study Turkish, but as the United States never declared war on Turkey, he was sent to France and Germany. Upon his return to the United States, he earned his both his Master's Degree in 1947 and his Doctorate in 1951 from the University of Pennsylvania - his dissertation topic was on Indian riots.

He became an assistant professor at the University of Pennsylvania in 1953, where he would eventually become the Chairman of the South Asia Regional Studies Department. He became a Fulbright Faculty Research Fellow (India) in 1956-1957, and at the same time he was a John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellow. From 1963-1965 he was a Faculty Research Fellow at the American Institute of Indian Studies, followed in 1964-1965 by becoming the resident director of that institution. In 1976, he became the Director of the Office of International Programs after Ambrose C. Davis. That same year, he was also appointed as the Dean of Instruction and Curricular Development, and he was also an Associate Dean of Development in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.

Lambert has held many positions in professional organizations including the Association for Asian Studies (of which he was a member of the Board of Directors from 1963-1966), the American Sociological Society, the Eastern Sociological Society, the International Studies Association, the Institute for International Education, the American Academy of Political and Social Science (of which he was the President from 1971-1972). It was stated that "[a]ll his working life he has been vitally interested in fostering international education." In 1980, he became the acting director of the College of General Studies and Summer Sessions.

Lambert took a leave of absence in spring 1979 from the University of Pennsylvania to study various topics in India and Pakistan and another in fall 1982. His published works include Indian Students on an American Campus with M. Bressler, University of Minnesota Press (1956), he edited Resources for South Asian Area Studies in the United States, University of Pennsylvania Press (1962), authored Workers, Factories and Social Change in India published by Princeton University Press and the Gokhale Institute of Economics and Politics (1963) and edited with B. Hoselitz The Role of Savings and Wealth in Southern Asia and the West (1963) as well as numerous published articles.


1971 newspaper photo of Richard D. Lambert




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