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David Redick (died 1805)

University Affiliation:
  • Trustee 1788
Biographical Summary:
  • Surveyor and lawyer
  • Lieutenant-Governor of Pennsylvania
  • Member of Pennsylvania's constitutional convention
  • Local official during the Whiskey Rebellion


Irish-born David Redick became a surveyor, lawyer and elected official in Washington County in western Pennsylvania. He was admitted to the bar in 1782.

At the state level he was a member of the Pennsylvania Supreme Executive Council 1786 and vice-president (the equivalent of lieutenant-governor) of the state in 1788. As a member of Pennsylvania's constitutional convention of 1790, he was a signer of that document. He became prothonotary of Washington County in 1794. As prothonotary and clerk of courts in Washington County, he participated in the Whiskey Rebellion.

Redick served very briefly as a University of the State of Pennsylvania trustee in an ex-officio capacity while he was vice-president of the Supreme Executive Council.


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