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John Inglis (1708-1775)

University Affiliation:
  • Founder and Trustee 1749-1775
Biographical Summary:
  • Merchant
  • Deputy Collector of the Port of Philadelphia
  • Philadelphia City Councilman


Born in Scotland, John Inglis came to Philadelphia from the West Indies where he was a merchant. In America, he continued in business of trade with Samuel McCall, his wife's brother.

In addition to his business pursuits, he held a number of appointed and elected public offices including city councilman and deputy collector of the port of Philadelphia. He signed the Non-Importation resolutions of 1765. He was a member and officer of the St. Andrew's Society of Philadelphia, a director of the First Dancing Assembly of Philadelphia in 1748, and a major contributor to the building of Christ Church in 1739.

He was also a founder of the Academy and College of Philadelphia (now the University of Pennsylvania) and served as a Penn trustee until his death in 1775. His sons Samuel and John attended the Academy during its earliest years.


Alumni Record, Matriculates, University of Pennsylvania 1740-1900




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