University Archives and Records Center

Mission: a place for teaching and learning made possible by the orderly retention and disposition of all University records - active, inactive and historical.


Governance: Protocols for the University Archives and Records Center


University Archives

The place for Penn history and research in primary sources

The University Archives strives to ensure the timeless preservation of historically significant documents and other materials that reflect the University's origins and development and the activities and achievements of its officers, staff, faculty, students, alumni, and benefactors. The Archives, located at 3401 Market Street, is the permanent repository for historically significant materials.


University Records Center

The place for secure storage and prompt delivery of inactive University and Health System records

The purpose of the University Records Center is to provide records retention and retrieval services that assist faculty and administrative staff in the ongoing operation of the University. Storage is provided for University business, academic, historical and medical records which must be retained but are generally no longer needed on a daily basis. The University Records Center is located at 4015 Walnut Street.