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Diversity as a Necessity

photo of student diversity viewed in small group of students relaxing in mid 1980s.


Almost simultaneous with the adoption of a need-blind admissions policy, Penn committed itself to recruiting a far more diverse undergraduate student body. Students of every race and ethnicity were sought from all economic classes, from every state of the nation, and from a broad spectrum of international origins. Penn took lessons from the civil rights movement of the 60s, working steadily to transform itself into a multi-cultural environment. In this picture of ca. 1985, Wharton students of different race and gender relax after class in one of the student lounges. This particular photograph displays Penn's relative success in integrating all its programs in the period since the late 1960s.

Photographer: unidentified

Date: c. 1985

Medium: black and white photograph


University Archives, The University of Pennsylvania
Wharton School Photograph Collection

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