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Community/University Reciprocity of "New Student Life"

photo of art show demonstrating community/university reciprocity



This scene well portrays the changing mode of student life of the "New Penn." In the 1970s and 1980s, University students organized to provide community service to the West Philadelphia community. Where once Penn students had generally ignored the campus environment, they now concentrated on extending educational and service benefits to the neighborhood around them. As Penn's student life shifted from exclusive to egalitarian, not only did students appreciate the amenities that accompanied the transition, but also the off-campus neighborhood around Philadelphia. Events such as arts shows were publicized city-wide and everyone was encouraged to observe campus productions in their various manifestations. Through this, Penn began an era of a reciprocal relationship with the community and neighborhood around the University and beyond.

Photographer: unidentified

Date: undated

Medium: black and white photograph


University Archives, The University of Pennsylvania
Photograph Collection, Groups and Events Series
Box 50

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