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A Pennsylvania Album:
Undergraduate Essays on the 250th Anniversary
Edited by
Published by the University of Pennsylvania 250th Anniversary, 1990

Facsimile of front cover with images of Sadie Tanner Mossell Alexander with the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, 1919-1920, and of Dr. Joseph Leidy's medical clinis, 1888Bird's-eye view of the University of Pennsylvania by Richard Rummell, first published in 'Old Penn', June 1910Back cover with 3 images of winners of the 1905 Bowl Fight, recreation room in Sergeant Hall women's dorm c. 1950, and medical matriculation ticket for 1826-1827

This book has been scanned in its entirity; each section is presented here in PDF format.

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Color photograph of Mark Lloyd and Richard Dunn and the student authors
The authors and editors in the Henry Charles Lea Library of the University of Pennsylvania. Seated at the table from left to right, James A. Bessin, Mark Frazier Lloyd, Richard Slator Dunn and Elizabeth A. Linck. Standing, from left to right, Marvin P. Lyon, Jr., Denise Pieczynski, Mark J. Drozdowski, Michael G. Dubrow, Andrew K. Becker, Lisa M. Silverman, Jonathan S. Bennett, Michelle A. Woodson and Adele Cecelia Moore.


Front matter

by Richard Slator Dunn and Mark Frazier Lloyd

Franklin's Academy: The University's Foundation
by Adele Cecelia Moore

The College of Philadelphia and the Politics of Revolution, 1755-1779
by Michael G. Dubrow

The Establishment of the Law School
by Jonathan S. Bennett

National Crisis, Institutional Change: Penn and the Civil War
by Denise Pieczynski

Charles J. Stille: University Builder
by Mark J. Drozdowski

Rites of Passage: Student Traditions and Class Fights
by Andrew K. Becker and Michelle A. Woodson

The Quadrangle
by Elizabeth A. Linck

Blacks at Penn, Then and Now
by Marvin P. Lyon, Jr.

Women at Penn in the 1950s
by Lisa M. Silverman

The Modern Urban University
by James A. Bessin



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