Map of Philadelphia area placing West Philadelphia in context
West Philadelphia Community History Center

Faculty and Students at the University of Pennsylvania inaugurated this heritage site in the spring of 2008.
This virtual history center will be an ever-revised and expanded resource by and for members of the
West Philadelphia community, and especially for teachers and their students.

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Varle's 1802 map/plan for Philadelphia, West Philadelphia detail.  Click for complete map

Atlas of West Philadelphia, 24th and 27th Wards. by Wm. G. Baist,1886, detail.  Click for complete map

Google 2008 map of West Philadelphia, detail.  Click for complete map



1753: Map of Philadelphia, by Nicholas Scull and George Heap, first edition

1777: Mapping West Philadelphia, Landowners in October 1777; interactive website, by J.M. Duffin, 2011

1777: Atlas of Blockley Township by Landowners, by J.M. Duffin, 2009

1802: Idealized "Plan" for West Philadelphia, by Charles P. Varle

1808: Plan for William Hamilton's land in West Philadelphia

1833: Survey map of part of West Philadelphia, by Nathan Suplee

1843: Map of the County of Philadelphia, including Blockley and Kingsessing, by Charles Ellet

1849: Map of Blockley Township, by S. M. Rea & J. Miller

1851: Plan for Hamilton Village in West Philadelphia

1855: Map of the Consolidated City of Philadelphia by R.L. Barnes

1862: Smedley's Atlas of the City of Philadelphia, Samuel L. Smedley

1872: Atlas of West Philadelphia, G.M. Hopkins

1878: Atlas of West Philadelphia, J.D. Scott

1886: Atlas of West Philadelphia, Wm.G. Baist

1892: Atlas of the City of Philadelphia, 24th, 27th and 34th Wards, Geo. W. & Walter S. Bromley

1909: Atlas of the City of Philadelphia, 27th and 46th Wards, E.V. Smith

1911: Atlas of the City of Philadelphia, 24th, 34th and 44th Wards, J.L. Smith

1916: Atlas of Philadelphia (West Philadelphia), Geo W. Bromley & Co.

1927: Atlas of West Philadelphia, Geo. W. & Walter S. Bromley (index map and plates 1 through 31)

2008: Google Map of West Philadelphia


Additional maps found in Matthew Grubel's exhibit, "The Building of West Philadelphia":

1749: N. Scull and G. Heap, Philadelphia and Parts Adjacent

ca. 1850: Map of the Blockley Township, Including all Public Places, Section from Rea & Miller

1895: Atlas of Philadelphia, Geo. W. & Walter S. Bromley (plates 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 31 and 43)


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