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Quotations from Women at Penn:
1980 - 1989

Dedicated to the memory of Ruth Branning Molloy, B.S. in Ed. 1930

Many of these quotations were used in Jenny Holzer's Hill Square sculpture commemorating 125 Years of Women at Penn


Color slide of Wharton Professor Susan Wackter lecturingColor slide of 1981 women's crew team rowing on the Schuylkill RiverColor slide of female student in architecture lab

I don't remember being treated differently from my male classmates, although there were times when I preferred not to travel sections of Locust Walk because of potential behavior from the fraternity brothers lounging in front of their houses.

Linda Carol Warren Strange, 1985 B.A.

1985 yearbook photograph of Linda Carol Warren Strange

I'm afraid the University wouldn't be able to function very well if all the women disappeared.

Marion F. Pond, Penn employee, 1942-1987

Color slide of students working in a laboratory

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