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Quotations from Women at Penn:
1990 - 2003

Dedicated to the memory of Ruth Branning Molloy, B.S. in Ed. 1930

Many of these quotations were used in Jenny Holzer's Hill Square sculpture commemorating 125 Years of Women at Penn


Color slide of woman at graduationColor slide of woman softball playerColor slide of woman, wearing baseball cap, in class

Feminism will have succeeded not only when women have access to all fields, but when traditionally female professions like nursing gain the high value and solid social respect they deserve.

Ellen D. Baer, Faculty of School of Nursing, 1982-1997; full professor as of 1994

In the past, Locust Walk has embodied the old boy mentality that Penn has traditionally held and the Women's Center will be a real source of empowerment and comfort for women.

It's about time we get women on the Walk.

Ashley Sarah Paine, 1996 B.A.

1996 yearbook photograph of Ashley Sarah Paine

Women should not need a women's center.

Jay Christopher Robbins, 1996 B.A.; Red and Blue Editor in Chief

I am proud of the women I have come to know here at Penn because they chose to focus on academics, on community service, on social action, on culture-on any number of things. They are brilliant, creative, diverse women.

And make no mistake, they are beautiful women. Their beauty lies in the work they do, in the meaning they have given their lives, in what they do for themselves and for one another.

Debra Pickett, 1995 B.A.

Color slide of female student in Perelman Quadrangle drawing College Hall

Whatever inequalities exist I blame more on society than on Penn.

Cristobel Walstrom-Vangor, 1995 B.A.

Acquaintance rape, AIDS, Assertiveness, Child Care, Disability rights, Economics, Education equity, Health, International Women's issues, Lesbian and bisexual concerns/homophobia, Racial harassment/racism, Relationships, Reproductive health, Safety and security, Sexual harassment/sexism, Tenure, Violence against women, Women and athletics, and Worker rights and responsibilities - these are listed in the informational brochure, available on the coffee table next to the entrance door of the Women's Center, in case you are brave enough to venture there.

Daily, 1994

I think that the core of what education should do is help us love and appreciate those things, those qualities, and those people that are different from ourselves.

Andrea Darna Cherng, 1999 B.A.

Pro-woman is not synonymous with anti-male. I consider myself a feminist because I too believe in equal rights.

Hema Sarangapani, 2000 B.A.

Color photograph of three female students at 1997 Ivy Day