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Holiday greeting cards to Hannah and Spence:
From Clarence B. Litchfield

From the Architectural Alumni Graphics Collection of Franklin Spencer Roach and Hannah Benner Roach


Clarence B. Litchfield (1903-1981), B.Arch. 1928


Yearbook photograph of Clarence B. Litchfield Litchfield was a member of the New York architectural firm of LaPierre, Litchfield and Partners until his retirement in 1969. His design projects include the United States Merchant Marine Academy as well as numerous hospitals and penitentiaries, including the Veterans Administration Hospital in Manhattan, the Brooklyn House of Detention for Men, the State of Vermont Youth Center for male first offenders.

Litchfield was known nationally and internationally for his advanced thinking in prison design. He was in demand as a speaker and wrote a number of articles and books on the design of correctional facilities.


Image of Litchfield's card depicting himself with blueprints while his wife and two young children trim the treeImage of Litchfield's 1932 card depicting himself, his wife and baby with their Christmas tree