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Penn and West Philadelphia:
The Historical Study


The University community and the scholarly public often turn to the University Archives for information on and interpretation of the history of the University in West Philadelphia and the relationship between the University and its urban environment. The University Archives has therefore established this page as an educational resource to support and advance continuing scholarly work on this topic.



In the fall semester 2005, Mark Frazier Lloyd, Director of the University Archives, taught a 200-level, post-1800 American history seminar on Penn and West Philadelphia.


Research Papers

Included here are research papers by Archives Director Mark Frazier Lloyd, by Penn students as part of their coursework, and by Summer Research Fellows at the University Archives. These documents and interpretive papers are organized by time period.


Guides to University Archives Collections available on-line include


Related Exhibits


1883 sepia photograph from future site of the Towne Building, looking west across 34th Street to houses on Woodland Avenue at right; north facade of Medical Hall(now Logan Hall) and college Hall at left

1950 photograph of Woodland Avenue at 37th and Spruce Streets

Color photograph of 1958 demolition ceremony on Woodland Avenue, 33rd-34th Streets