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Histories of Early Penn Fraternities:
Alpha Mu Pi Omega


Insignia of Alpha Mu Pi fraternity
Fraternity pin, Gold, black enamel and ruby. Features snake circle and skull.

This medical fraternity was founded at the University of Pennsylvania in January 1891.

Its first members were Aaron M. Billstein (M.D. 1892), Joseph C. Bloodgood (M.D. 1891), Henry H. Doan (M.D. 1890), S. Potts Eagleton (M.D. 1890), Goldson T. Lamson (M.D. 1892), Arthur J. Patek (M.D. 1892), William E. Robertson (M.D. 1892), George H. Richardson (M.D. 1891), and Frederick Wilson (M.D. 1891).

The purpose of the fraternity is to have an association in which practicing physicians and students can meet. The Beta chapter was formed at Columbia University in 1893. Penn's Alpha chapter owned its house in 1930.


These histories were researched and written by Benjamin Foster Carlson