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Primary documents:

Most of the information in this exhibit was drawn for primary sources in the University Archives, including materials from the Information Files, Alumni Records Collection, student newspapers, and alumni scrapbooks. Primary sources available on-line include student yearbooks, the University Magazine (published 1875-1885) and the recollections of Davidson Kennedy, Class of 1878, who attended Penn football games throughout his life.

All photographs are courtesy of the University Archives Digitial Image Collection.


Published books:

The following published books have provided background information:

A History of Athletics at Pennsylvania: 1873-1896
Edited and Compiled by George W. Orton, PhD.
Published and Copyrighted in 1897 by the Athletic Association of the University of Pennsylvania
Printed by the Avil Printing Company, Philadelphia

A History of Athletics at the University of Pennsylvania: Volume Two (1896/7 -- 1907/8)
Edited and Compiled by Edward R. Bushnell
Published and Copyrighted in 1909 by the Athletic Association of the University of Pennsylvania
Printed by the John C. Winston Company, Philadelphia

Fight On, Pennsylvania: A Century of Red and Blue Football
Written and Compliled by Dan Rottenberg
Copyright 1985, The Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania

Sports and Freedom: The Rise of Big-Time College Athletics
Written by Ronald A. Smith
Published by the Oxford University Press, Oxford; Copyright 1988


This exhibit was created in April 2006 by Nicholas Gutowski, College Class of 2009