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Junior Cricket Club members

Photograph portrait of William Rotch Wister as an older manCricket began at the University of Pennsylvania with the founding of the Junior Cricket Club by William Rotch Wister, Class of 1846, in the fall of 1842. This club was very active until after Wister's 1846 graduation, when lack of leadership and of funding led to the disappearance of cricket from University life until its revival in the 1860s.

During its short life, the Junior Cricket Club had over fifty members, including Benjamin Franklin's great-great grandson, Thomas Hewson Bache and a number of other prominent men:

  • William Rotch Wister (1827-1911), A.B. 1846
  • Thomas Hewson Bache (1826-1894), A.B. 1846
  • William Sergeant Blight (1826-1903 ), A.B. 1846
  • John Joseph Borie (1830-1857), A.B. 1850, L.L.B. 1853
  • George Harding (1827-1902), A.B. 1846
  • Frederick Klett, Jr. (1826-1869), A.B. 1846
  • Hartman Kuhn, Jr.(1831-1870), A.B. 1849
  • Silas Weir Mitchell (1828-1914), A.B. 1848
  • John Perot (1828-1857), A.B. 1846, L.L.B. 1852
  • Benjamin Wood Richards (1831-1908), A.B. 1849
  • Thomas Stewardson (1829-1902), A.B. 1847


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