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1900 Varsity Team

Photograph of University of Pennsylvania baseball team. Click for larger view and identification of payers and managers


Penn won 15 games, lost 9, and tied 2 this season, avoiding shutouts all year, and scoring 7.4 runs per game. They were 2-2 on the southern trip this year with wins over the University of Virginia and the United States Naval Academy. One setback this year was due to the absence of their pitching ace, Theodore Brown, who turned heads last year with his magnificent arm, but was unable to play this season due to parental objections. If he was able to play, it is conceivable some contests would have ended differently.

One member of this team, Francis Patrick Leary, began playing professional baseball in 1902, the same year he switched from the College to Law School. He earned his law degree in 1904 and continued to play professional ball until his death in 1907.

Note that the list of team members varies slightly from source to source. Included here is everyone named in the 1900 yearbook, the Athletic Association history of Penn athletics published in 1913, or both.


Team Members:

  • Frank Flavell, '01
  • Theodore E. Brown, '00
  • William Shreve Collier, '02 Medical
  • Albert Joseph Devlin, '03
  • Robert Smith Gawthorpe, 01
  • Joseph Hollingsworth Huston, '98
  • John Evan Jones, '01 Law
  • Daniel John Layton, '00
  • Francis Patrick Leary, '03
  • Rosenberg
  • Hermann Louis Shape, '99 Dental
  • William Dwight White


  • Albert Joseph Devlin, '03
  • Walter Brown Orbin, '03 Medical


  • William Brown Brendlinger, '00
  • Fred Milton Fuller, 01


April 4FordhamFordham, N.Y.2015Win
April 7IndiansFranklin Field76Win
April 11ManhattanFranklin Field99Tie
April 14ColumbiaFranklin Field157Win
April 19VermontFranklin Field170Win
April 21LafayetteFranklin Field62Win
April 23VirginiaCharlottesville87Win
April 24VirginiaCharlottesville419Loss
April 25GeorgetownWashington34Loss
April 28NavyAnnapolis105Win
May 2SyracuseFranklin Field167Win
May 5CornellFranklin Field56Loss
May 12CornellIthaca, N.Y.64Win
May 17BrownFranklin Field112Win
May 19HarvardFranklin Field59Loss
May 23LafayetteEaston87Win
May 28MichiganFranklin Field27Loss
May 30LehighBethlehem30Win
June 2GeorgetownFranklin Field11Tie
June 5ChicagoFranklin Field610Loss
June 8Holy Cross

Worcester, Mass.

June 9HarvardCambridge16Loss
June 11BrownProvidence210Loss
June 16ChicagoChicago117Win
June 18ChicagoChicago126Win
June 19ChicagoChicago211Loss


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