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1895 Varsity Team

Photograph of 1895 University of Pennsylvania Baseball team.  Click for larger view and for identification of players and managers


Penn recorded a 14-7-1 record this season, including a 9-1 record on Franklin Field. They again experienced a series of rainouts, 4 to be exact, that possibly could have boosted their win record a bit higher. Overall however, they represented Penn very well and scored an average of 10.4 runs per game.

Two players from this team, Coogan and Goeckel, went on to play professional baseball.

Note that the list of team members varies slightly from source to source. Included here is everyone named in the 1895 yearbook, the Athletic Association history of Penn athletics published in 1913, or both.

Team Members:

  • John Blakely, '95,
  • Francis S. Avil, '96 Dental
  • J. Edward Blair, '95 Medical
  • John Blakely, '95
  • William F. Brennan, '97 Law
  • H. M. Brown, '95 Medical
  • Robert G. Contrell, '95 Medical
  • Daniel George Coogan, '95
  • A. King Dickson, '97
  • William John Goeckel, '96 Law
  • John Francis Gorman '95 Law
  • P. Zane Gray, '96 Dental
  • Charles M. Hollister, '95 Medical
  • Louis Reuning, '97
  • Henry E. Shoenhut, '97
  • Atlee Hoffman Tracy, '97


  • John A. Farrell, '98 Medical
  • George B. Saxemeyer, '95 Dental


  • Francis S. McIlhenny, '95
  • Charles L. McKeehan, '97


April 4New York LeagueNew York421Loss
April 6Johns HopkinsUniversity Grounds142Win
April 11Allentown State L.University Grounds5 13Loss
April 13WesleyanUniversity Grounds--CA (rain)
April 15Brown (7 innings)University Grounds88Tie
April 17LafayetteEaston3 1Win
April 22State CollegeFranklin Field- -CA (rain)
April 24LawrencevilleLawrenceville86Win
April 27GeorgetownFranklin Field--CA (rain)
April 29GeorgetownFranklin Field--CA (rain)
May 1LafayetteFranklin Field129Win
May 4ColumbiaFranklin Field287


May 6Georgetown Franklin Field67Loss
May 8Univ. of VirginiaFranklin Field83Win
May 11Carlisle Indian SchoolFranklin Field414Win
May 13HarvardFranklin Field117Win
May 15LehighFranklin Field108Win
May 18CornellIthaca15Loss
May 22GeorgetownWashington28Loss
May 25CornellFranklin Field148Win
May 30Orange A.C.East Orange13Loss
June 1BrownProvidence109 Win
June 3Washington CollegeFranklin Field144Win
June 8HarvardCambridge38Loss
June 10BrownProvidence113Win
June 12LehighFranklin Field166Win


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