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1894 Varsity Team

Photograph of some members of the 1894 University of Pennsylvania baseball team.  Click for largerger view with caption identifying players and manager


Three rainouts contributed to keeping Penn baseball from their first 20-win season since 1890. It is safe to assume Penn would have won the majority if not all of those 3 games, since they had already defeated those particular opponents once each during the season. Nevertheless, their 18-8-1 record was a very solid one as Penn scored double digits in the runs category numerous times. In fact, they scored in double digits in 16 of their 18 wins, and only lost once when tallying more than 9 runs (May 5 loss to Cornell, 13-10). They averaged an impressive 15.9 runs per game.

The yearbook lists eighteen players for this team, thirteen of whom are included in this photograph. The team consisted of three catchers, five pitchers, one shortstop and six fielders as well as three substitutes.

Boswell, Coogan, Goeckel and Thomas went on to play professional baseball. Both Coogan and Thomas served as Penn baseball coaches during the first decade of the twentieth century.


Team Members:


  • Francis Avil, '96 Dental
  • H. M. Brown, '95 Medical
  • Charles S. Gelbert, '97 Veterinary
  • P.S. Gray, '96 Dental
  • L.C. Mintzer, '95 Medical
  • T.P. Stokes, '95 Medical


  • Francis S. McIlhenny, '95
  • John Falconer Sinclair, '93
March 30WilliamsUniversity Grounds235Win
April 2PhiladelphiaPhiladelphia Ball Park916Loss
April 4PhiladelphiaUniversity Grounds12 8Win
April 7PhiladelphiaPhiladelphia Ball Park29Loss
April 9GeorgetownWashington108Win
April 14GeorgetownUniversity Grounds27 19Win
April 16State CollegeUniversity Grounds21 6Win
April 18Johns HopkinsUniversity Grounds271Win
April 21TrinityUniversity Grounds355Win
April 23PenningtonUniversity Grounds310Win
April 25PrincetonPrinceton34Loss
April 28Yale (4 innings)New Haven00Tie
April 30Lafayette University Grounds171Win
May 2Franklin & MarshallUniversity Grounds283Win
May 5CornellIthaca1013Loss
May 7HarvardUniversity Grounds267Win
May 9CamdenCamden15Loss
May 12YaleUniversity Grounds2818Win
May 14BrownUniversity Grounds295Win
May 16LehighBethlehem179Win
May 19Orange A.C.East Orange911Loss
May 21CornellUniversity Grounds 60 Win
May 24PrincetonUniversity Grounds-- CA (rain)
May 26HarvardCambridge113Win
May 28BrownProvidence79Loss
May 30CornellUniversity Grounds--CA (rain)
June 2BrownProvidence 73Win
June 4YaleNew Haven513Loss
June 6LehighUniversity Grounds--CA (rain)
June 12PrincetonUniversity Grounds22 9Win


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