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1893 Varsity Team

Photograph of 1893 University of Pennsylvania baseball team.  Click for larger view with caption identifying players and managers


Penn started the season very well with 3 straight wins, but then dropped the next 3 to fall to .500. Their percentage stayed about the same until May 30, when a win over Yale Law School started a 4 game winning streak that seemed to be the lift they needed to distance themselves from equal wins and losses. However, the winning streak was followed by a 4 game losing streak allowing the end of the season to virtually match the beginning. They managed to win 15, lose 14, and tie 1.

Four members of this team went on to play professional baseball: Coogan, Goeckel, Thomas, and Boswell. One player, McGrillis, had played professional ball the previous year.

Note that the list of team members varies slightly from source to source. Included here is everyone named in the 1893 yearbook, the Athletic Association history of Penn athletics published in 1913, or both.


Team Members:


  • John Falconer Sinclair, '93


  • Irwin (maybe Frank N. Irwin, Medical '93)


March 27SwarthmoreUniversity Grounds182Win
March 29SwarthmoreUniversity Grounds591Win
March 30YaleUniversity Grounds116Win
April 2PhiladelphiaUniversity Grounds615Loss
April 4PhiladelphiaUniversity Grounds6 9Loss
April 5YaleUniversity Grounds78Loss
April 6HarvardUniversity Grounds1212Tie
April 9PhiladelphiaPhiladelphia Ball Park1 19Loss
April 15University of VermontUniversity Grounds12 29Loss
April 17TrinityUniversity Grounds358Win
April 20Philadelphia Philadelphia Ball Park119Loss
April 22ColumbiaUniversity Grounds281Win
April 24WesleyanUniversity Grounds302Win
April 26GeorgetownUniversity Grounds152Win
April 29Lehigh Bethlehem174Win
May 6YaleNew Haven45Loss
May 9LehighUniversity Grounds187Win
May 10HarvardUniversity Grounds76Win
May 11CornellUniversity Grounds25Loss
May 20LafayetteEaston211Win
May 24PrincetonPrinceton820Loss
May 27PrincetonUniversity Grounds45Loss
May 30Yale Law SchoolUniversity Grounds 197 Win
May 31LafayetteUniversity Grounds121 Win
June 3Johns HopkinsUniversity Grounds163Win
June 7PrincetonPrinceton42Win
June 9CornellIthaca 57Loss
June 10CornellIthaca36Loss
June 12HarvardCambridge410Loss
June 14HarvardCambridge8 14Loss


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