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1892 Varsity Team

Photograph of 1892 baseball team in old Athletic Field before the construction of the Quadrangle dormitories on this site. Click for larger view with caption identifying players and manager


Penn was teetering on and around a .500 record all season, but after the April 23 win against Fordham they never found themselves below again. They finished with 14 wins, 12 losses, and 1 tie. They managed to shutout Princeton on the Tigers' home field, but were shutout 3 times themselves.

Two members of this team, Danny Coogan and Roy Thomas, both went on to play professional baseball and then returned to Penn to coach baseball in the first decade of the next century.


Team Members:

  • Walter Smith Thomson, '94,
  • Clarence S. Bayne, Dental '95,
    captain (resigned)
  • G.E. Bergen, 94 Law
  • Daniel George Coogan, '95
  • Frank Devlin, '94 Law
  • C. W. Higgins, '94 Medical
  • Addison Farwell Lansing, '92
  • Harry A. Mackey, '93 Law
  • George McFadden, '93
  • Charles H. Schoff, '93 Medical
  • Roy Allen Thomas, '94
  • Louis de Pui Vail, '93 Law


  • J.D. Casey
  • John Falconer Sinclair, '93


April 2PhiladelphiaPhiladelphia Ball Park010Loss
April 4WashingtonWashington3 12Loss
April 5Johns HopkinsBaltimore13Loss
April 9AmherstUniversity Grounds14 2Win
April 12HarvardUniversity Grounds13 9Win
April 14DartmouthUniversity Grounds08Loss
April 16YaleUniversity Grounds64Win
April 18YaleUniversity Grounds46Loss
April 20LafayetteUniversity Grounds135Win
April 23FordhamUniversity Grounds125Win
April 25Johns Hopkins University Grounds98Win
April 27PrincetonPrinceton60Win
April 30LehighBethlehem17Loss
May 4GeorgetownUniversity Grounds123Win
May 5WesleyanUniversity Grounds32Win
May 9A.C.S.N.University Grounds914Loss
May 11LehighUniversity Grounds34Loss
May 14PrincetonUniversity Grounds18Loss
May 18LehighBethlehem 94 Win
May 21University of MichiganUniversity Grounds52 Win
May 28Lehigh (5 innings, rain)University Grounds22Tie
June 2A.C.S.N.Stenton159Win
June 3A.C.S.N.Stenton 96Win
June 6YaleNew Haven15Loss
June 8HarvardCambridge27Win
June 9BrownProvidence0 1Loss
June 11CornellIthaca111Win


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