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1891 Varsity Team

Photograph of 1891 University of Pennsylvania baseball team.  Click for larger view including caption identifying players and managers


Penn finished this season with a 17-7-1 overall record. Most notably, they were undefeated against Lehigh (4-0-1) and averaged around 7.3 runs per game for the season. They seemed to struggle against Yale and the Athletics though, losing twice to each.

Two members of this team went on to play professional baseball: Bowman and Darragh. Wagenhurst played professional ball before coming to Penn.

Note that the list of team members varies slightly from source to source. Included here is everyone named in the 1891 yearbook, the Athletic Association history of Penn athletics published in 1913, or both. The yearbook for this year also includes a "reserve" list.


Team Members:


  • J. Devlin, '91 Medical
  • A.S. Gay, '92 Medical
  • Chester Hughes Kirk, '91
  • R.L. Martin, '92
  • Robert Churchman Morgan, '93
  • C.A.H. Shields, '93 Veterinary
  • Henry C. Thayer, '92
  • Walter Smith Thompson, '94
  • Louis de Pui Vail, '91
  • Robert Newton Willson, '93


  • J.D. Casey
  • A.D. Whiting, '91 Medical
  • J.H. Wood, '93, scorer
March 26AthleticsBroad & Dauphin, Phila.16Loss
April 4DartmouthUniversity Grounds9 6Win
April 6AthleticsBroad & Dauphin, Phila.47Loss
April 8WilliamsUniversity Grounds11 6Win
April 9WilliamsUniversity Grounds84Win
April 11ColumbiaUniversity Grounds--CA
April 15LehighUniversity Grounds72Win
April 18PrincetonPrinceton64Win
April 29LehighBethlehem52Win
May 2A.C.S.N.University Grounds1215Loss
May 3A.C.S.N. University Grounds76Win
May 6LafayetteUniversity Grounds104Win
May 9A.C.S.N.Stenton2411Win
May 11LafayetteEaston142Win
May 13LehighUniversity Grounds 21 Win
May 16PrincetonUniversity Grounds52 Win
May 20FordhamUniversity Grounds39Loss
May 23Lehigh (5 innings)Bethlehem22Tie
May 27CornellUniversity Grounds 62Win
May 30YaleUniversity Grounds26Loss
June 3LehighUniversity Grounds111Win
June 9YaleNew Haven11 7Win
June 11BrownProvidence10Win
June 13WilliamsWilliamstown46Loss
June 15Manhattan A.C.New York121Win
June 23Yale New Haven58Loss


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