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1890 Varsity Team

Photograph of 1890 University of Pennsylvania baseball team.  Click for larger view and identification of players and managers


This Penn team was truly exceptional, playing their way to an impressive 17 game winning streak to end the season. Had it not been for a cancelled game on May 31, they may very well have stretched it to 18. They finished the season with an overall record of 21-3, registering 10.7 runs per game while giving up 4.1.

Four team members of this team played major league baseball. Wagenhurst had played for the Philadelphia Quakers in1888, before entering Penn's Law School. Bowman played for the Philadelphia Phillies and then the Pittsburgh Alleghenies from June of 1890 through the 1891 season, while still a Penn law student. Darragh played with the for Louisville Colonels the season of his Dental School graduation; that same year (1891) Cahill left Medical School to play along with Darragh for the Louisville Colonels.

Note that the team photograph includes Hyneman, the previous year's team captain who had graduated the year before. He is not listed in the team roster provided in either the 1890 yearbook or the 1913 Athletic Association history of Penn athletics. The newsclipping shown below also names Joseph A. Cake, '92 Medical, and W.S. Dougherty, '90, as members of this team.


Team Members:


  • A.D. Whiting, '91 Medical


April 1AthleticsAthletic Park75Win
April 4Johns HopkinsBaltimore14 3Win
April 5Baltimore Baltimore413Loss
April 9YaleUniversity Grounds5 6Loss
April 10WilliamsUniversity Grounds73Win
April 12Johns HopkinsUniversity Grounds3212Win
April 14LebanonLebanon58Loss
April 15LebanonLebanon90Win
April 16LehighBethlehem90Win
April 19TrinityUniversity Grounds201Win
April 23Trinity Lebanon134Win
April 28University ReservesUniversity Grounds121Win
April 30University of VirginiaCharlottesville54Win
May 1Georgetown CollegeWashington, D.C.133Win
May 2Columbia A.C.Washington, D.C. 141 Win
May 3Johns HopkinsBaltimore75 Win
May 10RivertonUniversity Grounds32Win
May 13Columbia CollegeUniversity Grounds53Win
May 15University of VirginiaUniversity Grounds 252Win
May 17Columbia CollegeNew York53Win
May 21PrincetonBehtlehem252Win
May 23LehighUniversity Grounds8 4Win
May 28CornellUniversity Grounds138Win
May 29CornellUniversity Grounds112Win
May 31State CollegeUniversity Grounds--CA


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