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1889 Varsity Team

Photograph of 1889 University of Pennsylvania baseball team.  Click for larger view and identification of players and managers


Penn compiled a record of 9 wins, 20 losses, and 1 tie this season and couldn't seem to get on track. Almost every win was preceded and/or succeeded by a loss, which made it difficult for the team to find a rhythm. As a result, they were outscored by a total of 286 runs to 191 runs.

One member of this team, Thomas Cahill, left Penn's medical school in 1891 to play professional baseball.


Team Members:

  • Edwin I. Hyneman, '89
  • H. C. Bowman, '90 Medical
  • Thomas H. Cahill, '92 Medical
  • Sherbourne W. Dougherty, '89
  • Edwin D. Graves, '90
  • John M. Hamme, '89 Medical
  • Chester Hughes Kirk, '91
  • Addison Farwell Lansing, '92
  • Elisha P. Swift, '89 Medical
  • J. D. Updegrove, '90 Medical


  • A.D. Whiting, '91
  • Norton Buel Young, Law
April 4AthleticsAthletic Grounds, Phila.320Loss
April 8Wash Profs.Washington, D.C.223Loss
April 9Baltimore Profs.Baltimore126Loss
April 10Johns HopkinsBaltimore14 2Win
April 14LafayetteUniversity Grounds57Loss
April 19YaleUniversity Grounds89Loss
April 20Yale (11 innings)University Grounds56Loss
April 24EastonEaston56Loss
May 1Johns HopkinsUniversity Grounds153Win
May 2TrinityUniversity Grounds710Loss
May 3Trinity University Grounds137Win
May 4WilmingtonWilmington23Loss
May 8BucknellUniversity Grounds95Win
May 10LehighUniversity Grounds77Tie
May 11HighlandManayunk 67 Loss
May 15PrincetonUniversity Grounds211 Loss
May 17NorristownNorristown55Loss
May 18NorristownNorristown118Loss
May 22LafayetteEaston 06Loss
May 25PrincetonPrinceton1116Loss
May 29LehighBehtlehem101Win
May 30NorristownNorristown5 11Loss
June 1HighlandManayunk81Win
June 4YaleNew Haven024Loss
June 5BrownProvidence, R.I.123Win
June 6BrownProvidence, R.I.1012Loss
June 7Tufts CollegeCollege Hill, Mass.147Win
June 10Tufts CollegeCollege Hill, Mass.95Win
June 11HarvardBoston113Loss
June 12WilliamsWilliamstown112Loss


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