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1888 Varsity Team

Photograph of University of Pennsylvania baseball team, probably 1888. Click for larger view


The team didn't do quite as well this year as it did a year before. They struggled in the win column for practically the entire season, getting only 8, and losing 19, including an 8 game losing streak from May 22 until the end of the season on June 15.


Team Members:

  • Addison F. Lansing, '88
  • G. H. Curlis, '89 Dental
  • Randolph Fairies, '88 Medical
  • John M. Hamme, '89 Medical
  • John Julius Hovey, '87
  • C.W. List, '90 Medical
  • John Bruce McPherson, '88 Law
  • G. F. Nellins, '89 Dental
  • Henry Hunter Seyfert, '87
  • Elisha P. Swift, '89 Medical
  • J. D. Updegrove, '90 Medical
March 30YaleUniversity Grounds24Loss
March 31PhiladelphiaPhiladelphia Park410Loss
April 2WilliamsUniversity Grounds116Win
April 4AthleticsAthletic Grounds, Phila.012Loss
April 6AmherstUniversity Grounds414Loss
April 11CamdenCamden, N.J.03Loss
April 16TrinityUniversity Grounds46Loss
April 17TrinityUniversity Grounds129Win
April 19HoustonsChester614Loss
April 21CamdenCamden, N.J.76Win
April 23Rutgers University Grounds2111Win
April 25LafayetteUniversity Grounds109Win
April 28BrandywineWest Chester75Win
April 30ColumbiaUniversity Grounds711Loss
May 3Athletics Athletic Grounds 711 Loss
May 5ColumbiaNew York149 Win
May 7SomersetUniversity Grounds67Loss
May 14HarvardUniversity Grounds67Loss
May 21CornellUniversity Grounds205Win
May 22CornellUniversity Grounds810Loss
May 28HoustonsUniversity Grounds56Loss
June 4PrincetonUniversity Grounds5 10Loss
June 7YaleNew Haven, Conn.616Loss
June 8TrinityHartford, Conn.56Loss
June 9BrownProvidence, R.I.45Loss
June 12HarvardBoston, Mass.19Loss
June 15WilliamsWilliamstown, Mass.37Loss


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