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1887 Varsity Team

Studio photograph of 1887 University baseball team


This season was a very admirable one for Penn baseball. Starting on April 5, they went 11 games without a loss, winning 10 (1 tie). The loss to Princeton on May 11 seemed to bring them back down to earth, as 3 more losses quickly followed. This seemed to be the only skid for Penn in a season where they won 14 games out of a possible 24, with 8 losses and 2 ties. They also averaged an even 10 runs per game and recorded 2 shutouts.

Note that the list of team members varies slightly from source to source. Included here is everyone named in the 1887 yearbook, the Athletic Association history of Penn athletics published in 1913, or both.


Team Members:

  • Arthur L. Wilson, Law
  • Randolph Fairies, '88 Medical
  • Thomas W. Fleming, '89
  • George H. Frazier, '87
  • John M. Hamme, '89 Medical
  • John Julius Hovey, '87
  • Edwin I. Hyneman, '89
  • Thomas Love Latta, '87
  • Charles W. List, '89 Medical
  • John Bruce McPherson, '88 Law
  • G.F. Nellis, Dental
  • Henry Hunter Seyfert, '87
  • Howard Stanton, '89 Medical
  • Elisha P. Swift, '89 Medical


  • Milton Valentine Snyder, '87
    business manager
  • Norton Buel (alias N. Brigham) Young, '87
    team manager
March 30Baltimore Profs.Baltimore 37Loss
April 1AthleticsPhiladelphia35Loss
April 5AmherstUniversity Grounds2212Win
April 8WilliamsUniversity Grounds109Win
April 9WilliamsUniversity Grounds76Win
April 11PythiansRecreation Park, Phila.98Win
April 13PrincetonUniversity Grounds77Tie
April 16Cuban GiantsTrenton109Win
April 23TrintyUniversity Grounds1310Win
April 30Johns Hopkins University Grounds1613Win
May 3PattonsPhiladelphia 90 Win
May 5PattonsUniversity Grounds235 Win
May 7Young AmericaUniversity Grounds10Win
May 11PrincetonPrinceton519Loss
May 14Young AmericaUniversity Grounds69Loss
May 18LafayetteEaston57Loss
May 20Cuban GiantsUniversity Grounds524Loss
May 24Young AmericaUniversity Grounds20 6Win
May 28LafayetteUniversity Grounds1110Win
May 30 (A.M.)Lafayette University Grounds2411Win
May 30 (P.M.)Lafayette University Grounds1911Win
June 1 Young AmericaUniversity Grounds615Loss
June 15DanvilleDanville33Tie
June 16WilliamsportWilliamsport321Loss


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