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1886 Varsity Team

Studio photograph of 1886 University baseball team


Penn played 20 games this season, which is considerably more than they have played in the past couple years. They won 11 of these 20, but were outscored 156-154 in total runs all season. The reason for this high amount could be that whenever they won they did it handily, and whenever they lost they did not score a considerable amount of runs to keep the game close.

Note that the list of team members varies slightly from source to source. Included here is everyone named in the 1886 yearbook, the Athletic Association history of Penn athletics published in 1913, or both.


Team Members:

  • Arthur L. Wilson, Law
  • W.N. Boyer, '88
  • Frederick C. Clarke, '88
  • John G. Doron, '87 Medical
  • George H. Frazier, '87
  • John Julius Hovey, '87
  • Edwin I. Hyneman, '89
  • Thomas Love Latta, '87
  • James M. Maurer, '91
  • J.M. Prendergast, Medical
  • Junius Brutus Price, '86
  • Robert Lewis Rutter, '86
  • Henry Hunter Seyfert, '87
  • John Wallace Weaver, '87


  • Harry R. Stoops, '86
  • Norton Buel Young, '87
April 3LehighUniversity Grounds215Win
April 10AmherstUniversity Grounds166Win
April 12AmherstUniversity Grounds93Win
April 17ColumbiaUniversity Grounds116Win
April 21LafayetteUniversity Grounds1612Win
April 24Philadelphia Pros.University Grounds29Loss
April 27YaleUniversity Grounds313Loss
May 1Princeton University Grounds 109 Win
May 6Brown University Grounds1110 Win
May 12PrincetonUniversity Grounds39Loss
May 17ColumbiaNew York19Loss
May 29LehighBethlehem107Win
May 31Stevens InstituteUniversity Grounds122Win
June 3WynnewoodUniversity Grounds91Win
June 9BrownProvidence3 7Loss
June 10HarvardBoston09Loss
June 11AmherstAmherst413Loss
June 17PrincetonPrinceton410Loss
June 18LafayetteEaston94Win


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