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Crawford Dick Park, M.D., Photographs
School of Medicine, Class of 1963

Note: The following images were donated to the Archives in digital format by Crawford Dick Park, M.D., (1933-2016) in May 2013. The original negatives and slides from which they were scanned remain in the possession of the Park family.

The School of Medicine's Class of 1963 Fiftieth Reunion Committee asked members of the class to share photographs from their years at the University in celebration of their fiftieth reunion in 2013. In searching for images for this purpose, Crawford Dick Park, M.D., came across over 700 negatives of photographs he had taken between 1961 and 1963 for use in The Scope, the School of Medicine's yearbook, documenting his time as a medical student. A selection of these images appears below. All information transcribed was provided by Dr. Park.


Crawford Dick Park, M.D. (c. 1962)




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