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University of Vermont
Thayer, Samuel White, MD (dean)
Jackson, J.H. (Henry)
Matriculation ticket


The University of Vermont organized its Medical Department in 1822 with an initial faculty of Dartmouth and Yale graduates. It was a country medical school, lacking clinical teaching facilities until the Mary Fletcher Hospital opened in 1879. Thayer (Vermont Medical College; M1838) joined the University of Vermont faculty as professor of anatomy and physiology in 1853; one year later he also taught surgery and started 17 years as dean. During the Civil War, Thayer organized Vermont’s hospitals to care for wounded soldiers, led a corps of emergency surgeons to the frontlines and became Vermont’s first surgeon general and a United States Army assistant surgeon. Jackson (U. of Vermont; M1865) taught physiology and microscopic anatomy at his alma mater from 1883 to 1907. He practiced in Barre, VT, where he was a founder of Barre City Hospital, president of Barre Savings Bank, superintendent of Barre Schools, mayor, and candidate for governor in 1896.


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University of Vermont
Holton, Henry D., MD
Matthews, Henry J.
Materia medica and general pathology


Holton (U. of New York; M1860) joined the Vermont faculty in 1873 and developed into a leader in Vermont’s public health movement. He served as president of the Vermont Medical Society, vice-president of the American Medical Association, and president of the American Public Health Association. Holton helped establish the state’s Laboratory of Hygiene and educate members of the Vermont Medical Society, local health officers and state school officials about germ theory and public health. He helped create and served as first president of The Brattleboro Home for the Aged and Disabled in 1892, renamed Holton Home in 1975. Matthews (U. of Vermont; M1879) practiced in his native St. Lawrence County, NY. Like his professor, he had an interest in public health and served as health officer from 1907 to 1925.


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Holton Home.




Western Reserve College (Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine)
Kirtland, J.P., MD
Adrain, Robert B.
Theory and practice of medicine and physical diagnosis


Kirtland (Yale; M1815) became professor of theory and medicine at the Medical College of Ohio (35) in 1837 and the Willoughby Medical School in 1840-41. He and a few colleagues who were dissatisfied with the standards of medical education at Willoughby resigned and in 1843 founded Cleveland Medical College under the charter of Western Reserve College. Cleveland Medical College soon became the Medical Department of Western Reserve College. Kirtland taught medicine there for two decades. An avid naturalist, he was a founder and president of the Kirtland Society of Natural History and the Cleveland Academy of Natural Sciences. Adrain attended one year as a medical student at Western Reserve College but did not obtain his degree.


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Woman’s Medical College of Pennsylvania (Drexel University College of Medicine)
Marshall, Clara, MD (dean)
Woods, Frances J.
Matriculation ticket


Founded in 1850 as The Female College of Pennsylvania, this was the world’s first medical school for women. In 1882 Marshall (Woman’s Medical College of PA; M1875) became the first female physician with privileges at Philadelphia Hospital (3). Four years later, her appointment as attending physician to Philadelphia’s House of Refuge made her one of the nation’s first female physicians to join the staff of a state charitable or correctional institution.  As dean from 1886 to 1917, Marshall led a period of expansion and modernization that included a teaching hospital for woman. Woods (Woman’s Medical College of PA; M1894) pursued additional surgical training in Worcester, MA, where she also trained nurses for hospital service. Though a practicing physician, Woods served as one of the first two Red Cross nurses to depart for the Philippines during the Spanish-American War. Upon her return, Woods proposed to Marshall establishing a “college settlement” in Manila, staffed by a female physician and underwritten by alumnae.


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