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Advisory and Overseer Boards and Councils
at the University of Pennsylvania:
A Brief Account as of July 2000

By Mark Frazier Lloyd
August 2000




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  • MORRIS ARBORETUM. In October 1932, the Trustees, by formal resolution, established the "Advisory Board of the Morris Foundation" to advise the Director of the Arboretum (Minutes, 21: 217). In October 1954, President Harnwell announced to the Trustees that he was negotiating "a proposal to change the advisory structure [of the Morris Arboretum] to make it consistent with that of the other University advisory boards" (Minutes, 26: 106). The Trustees took no formal action on the President's report. In March 1972, the Trustees, by formal resolution, recognized that "the Advisory Board of the Morris Arboretum now wishes to pattern its organization more closely on that of the other operating and advisory boards of the University." The resolution, second, stated that "to this end" the Advisory Board "has nominated one of its members, Dr. F. Otto Haas, as Chairman." The resolution, third, noted that the President of the University had served as Chairman of the Advisory Board "since the establishment of the Arboretum and its Board in 1932." The resolution, fourth, stated that President Meyerson was agreeable to the proposed change. The Trustees therefore elected F. Otto Haas Chairman of the "Advisory Board of the Morris Arboretum" (Minutes, 34: 127). In May 1977, the Trustees, by formal resolution, changed the name of the "Advisory Board of the Morris Arboretum" to the "Board of Overseers of the Morris Arboretum" and appointed four persons to membership on the Board (Minutes, 37: 196). Just one month later, in June 1977, the Trustees reversed themselves and rescinded the name change, but again, by formal resolution, conferred the title of "Associate Trustees" on all members of the Advisory Board of the Morris Arboretum. In so doing, the Trustees effectively conferred the status of a Board of Overseers on the Advisory Board of the Morris Arboretum (Minutes, 37: 244).

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For information on the historical background of Boards of Overseers at the University of Pennsylvania, also consult A Brief History of Advisory and Overseer Boards at the University of Pennsylvania.