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Advisory and Overseer Boards and Councils
at the University of Pennsylvania:
A Brief Account as of July 2000

By Mark Frazier Lloyd
August 2000




  • ANNENBERG CENTER FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS. In December 1967, the Trustees, by formal resolution, established the "Advisory Council for the Performing Arts" and named Harold Prince Chairman of the Council (Minutes, 31: 184). A search of the collections at the University Archives found in the October 1979 issue of the Annenberg Center's newsletter, Front and Center, the first reference to the "Board of Advisors for the Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts." In June 1984 Provost Thomas Ehrlich reported to the Trustees "that Josie Hueber has agreed to chair the Board of Advisers of the Annenberg Center" (Minutes, 41: 445). Not until January 1987, however, did the Trustees participate directly in the naming of the members of this Board. In that month, for the first time, the Trustees, by formal resolution, appointed three persons to the "Board of Advisors of the Annenberg Center" (Minutes, 42: 468). The Trustees' resolution does not, however, confer the title of "Associate Trustee" on the members of this Board and their status in this regard is unclear.

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For information on the historical background of Boards of Overseers at the University of Pennsylvania, also consult A Brief History of Advisory and Overseer Boards at the University of Pennsylvania.