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List of Students

For a general description of the class, consult the Medical Class of 1889 student summary. Follow the links below to view portraits of individual students, graduates and non-graduates, who were at one time or another part of this class.



Jedediah Howe Adams (1866-1919) from Philadelphia, PA photograph

William Marshall Alrich (1863-1919) from Philadelphia, PA photograph

Willis Swanner Anderson (1866-1919) from Shelby, OH photograph

Harry Echart Applebach (died 1919) from Sellersville, PA photograph


John Bacon (1865-1915) from Greenwich, NJ photograph

Nathan M. Baker (1859-1928) from St. Peter, MN photograph

William Hamlin Banks (1862-1947) from Mifflintown, PA photograph

Harvey Brown Bashore (1864-1934) from West Fairview, PA photograph

A. L. Benedict (1865-1950) from Buffalo, NY photograph

Herman Hoffman Birney (1866-1926) from Washington, DC

John Albert Boger (1860-) from Philadelphia, PA

Robert Hagedorn Bolling (1868-) from Chestnut Hill, PA

Benjamin Brooke (1866-1900) from Fortress Monroe, VA

James Gideon Brown from Peola Mills, VA

Joseph Roberts Bryan (1864-1922) from Philadelphia, PA

William J. Burd (1865-) from Belvidere, NJ

Francis J. Burger (1867-1932) from Lancaster, PA

Clarence Arthur Butler (1865-) from Allegheny, PA


Edmund Canby (1864-) from Willmington, DE

Herbert Bancroft Carpenter (1866-) from Philadelphia, PA

John Thomas Carpenter, Jr. (1866-) from Pottsville, PA

Nathaniel A. Cashman from Philadelphia, PA

James Frederic Clarke (1864-) from Fairfield, IA

Arthur Horton Cleveland (1865-) from Philadelphia, PA

George Daniel Cross (1852-1903) from Chester, PA

Samuel Ross Crothers (1864-1933) from Zion, MD

Edwin A. Curry (1863-1917) from Danville, PA


Manuel S. da Silva from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Charles N. Davis (1862-) from Bryn Mawr, PA

William James Davis (1868-1930) from Pottstown, PA

Arthur Hamilton Deekens (1861-) from Philadelphia, PA

Walter B. Dieffenderfer from Auburn, PA

Charles Hill Dimm (1863-) from Selins Grove, PA

Giragos Dongion from Dearbecker, Armenia

Randolph Hinson Downes (-1931) from Templesville, MD

Walter Dunn (1865-1929) from Clifton Heights, PA


Frederick East (1853-1908) from Brockport, NY


Albert D. Ferguson (1866-) from Philadelphia, PA

Charles C. Fowler from Spartanburg, SC

Edward Mayer French from Bethlehem, PA


George Watt Gallagher (1861-) from Dawson, PA

Thomas J. Gallaher, Jr. (1867-) from Pittsburgh, PA

Albert Bolles Galloway (1866-1891) from Philadelphia, PA

E. Rudolph Geralch (-1891) from Trenton, NJ

Franklin Gillespie (1866-1905) from Principio, MD

William Adam Grebe (1864-1908) from Philadelphia, PA

William Cromwell Greene (-1911) from Beaufort, SC

Jose B. Guerrero from Managua, Nicaragua


William Derickson Waples Hall (1865-1930) from Lewes, DE

John Martin Hamme (1864-1908) from York, PA

Thomas Jefferson Harris (1865-) from Claremont, NH

Ulysses S. Grant Heil (1867-) from Easton, PA

Gabriel Hekimian from Erzeroom, Turkey

John Sax Hileman (1864-1904) from Pittston, PA

Frank L. Horning (1862-) from Landingville, PA

Emanuel L. Howerter (1863-1904) from Stony Run, PA

Waldo Willard Hull (1865-) from Williamsport, PA

Glennis Eugene Humphrey (1866) from Union City, PA

John Newton Hunsberger (1867-) from Skippack, PA


William George Johnston (1866-) from Titusville, PA

Charles James Jones (1867-) from Philadelphia, PA


Frank Royer Keefer (1865-) from Sprague, WA

Elmer E. Keiser (1863-1929) from Lewisburg, PA photograph

Stephen Rush Ketcham (1865-) from Philadelphia, PA

Samuel Stryker Kneass (1865-) from Philadelphia, PA

John Stewart Kulp (1866-1910) from Wilkesbarre, PA


Harry La Motte (1866-) from Fort Wingate, NM

William G. Leaman (1859-) from Philadelphia, PA

John Lear (1859-) from Allentown, PA

Moses David Lederman (1868-) from Lancaster, PA

Charles Lester Leonard (1861-1913) from Philadelphia, PA


Joseph McFarland (1868-) from Philadelphia, PA

Benjamin W. McGalliard (1861-1905) from Bridgeton, NJ

Will B. McGill (-1918) from Marionville, MO

George Irvine McKelway (1850-) from Philadelphia, PA

Samuel N. McNaugher (1863-) from Allegheny, PA

Bernard Michel (1860-) from Dubuque, IA

Charles Lincoln Miller (1865-1911) from Lebanon, PA

Horace W. Miller from Urbana, IL

Morris Booth Miller (1868-) from Media, PA

William S. Milnor (died 1889 or 1890) from Philadelphia, PA

Cyrus Chester Moore (1858-) from Moore's Salt Works, OH

John Demuth Moore (1865-) from Wrightsville, PA


Walter Williams Naylor (1865-1905) from New Hope, PA

George G. E. Neuber from Philadelphia, PA


William S. Patrick from Quinton, NJ

Horace Phillips (1867-) from Philadelphia, PA

William Campbell Posey (1866-1934) from Philadelphia, PA photograph

William Henry Price (1865-1919) from Philadelphia, PA


Benjamin Lewis Rawlins (1867-) from Dallas, TX

William Reisert (1862-) from Bridesburg, PA

Orean Staples Rhodes (1863-) from E. Stroudsburg, PA

William Abram Riegel (1864-) from Catasauqua, PA

Robert Rodgers Jr. from Philadelphia, PA

Milton J. Rosenau (1869-1946) from Philadelphia, PA

Emil Roth (1869-1894) from Philadelphia, PA

(Pius?) John Peters Rothermel from Molltown, PA


Charles David Schaeffer (1864-) from Kutztown, PA

Charles Bowman Schroeder (1861-) from Lock Haven, PA

Charles G. Scott from Roarkee, North India

Joseph Alison Scott (1865-1909) from Philadelphia, PA photograph

Alfred G. Shissler (1866-) from Shamokin, PA

George Sinnamon (1868-) from Philadelphia, PA

J. Frank Small (1865-) from York, PA

Arthur Donaldson Smith (1866-) from Philadelphia, PA

Rolla Lamar Smith (1867-) from Oakville, PA

Elmer Reiff Snyder (-1898) from Hilltown, PA

Albert Congdon Speers (1864-) from Belle Vernon, PA

Alfred Stengel (1868-1939) from Pittsburgh, PA illustrated biography

Henry Deischer Stichter (1865-) from East Greenville, PA

Edward Rhodes Stitt (1867-1948) from Rock Hill, SC

John Henry Swaving (-1914) from Pottsville, PA

Elisha Pope Swift (1865-1917) from Allegheny, PA


Henry Burnett Taylor (1850-1891) from Philadelphia, PA

Harry Toulmin (1865-) from Philadelphia, PA

Joseph Price Tunis (1866-) from Philadelphia, PA

Thomas Mellor Tyson (1866-) from Philadelphia, PA


William M. Umsted (1863-) from Coatesville, PA


Frederick William Van Buskirk (1867-) from Pottstown, PA

Seymour Doss Van Meter (1865-1934) from San Antonio, TX


George Livingstone Weiss (1868-1898) from Lebanon, PA

John Weiszgerber (1866-1909) from Philadelphia, PA

Benton Harris Whaley (-1898) from Whaleyville, PA

Charles Baeder Williams (1865-1911) from Philadelphia, PA

E. Ellsworth Wilson (1863-) from Philadelphia, PA

Henry Delano Wilson (1867-) from Washington, DC

Samuel Milliken Wilson (1867-) from Philadelphia, PA

Charles N. Wolf from Hellman, PA



Listed as by the University Catalogs as part of the class during its first, second or third years, but not granted the M.D. degree in 1889)

Charles Anderson from Philadelphia, PA

Salvadore Bermudez, D.D.S. 1884, from Leon, Nicaragua

John M. Boyd, Jr. from Knoxville, TN

S. Dimond Burdict from Philadelphia, PA

John W. Bushong from Philadelphia, PA

Alexander C. Butcher from Philadelphia, PA

Robert J. Christie, M.D. 1890, from Fairfield, IA

Robert Clark, M.D. 1891, from Philadelphia, PA

Lawrence B. Clifford from Latrobe, PA

George S. Cressman, M.D. 1890, from Lafayette Hill, PA

A.S. Lincoln Doughty from Berlin, NJ

S. Naudain Duer, M.D. 1890, from Philadelphia, PA

Samuel Z. Durborrow from Philadelphia, PA

Joseph W. England from Philadelphia, PA

Charles E. Finlay from Havana, Cuba

Richard D. Fisher from London, England

Horace Fox, M.D. 1890, from Philadelphia, PA

Irvin N. Frasse, M.D. 1890, from Brooklyn, NY

Euclid B. Frick from San Francisco, CA

James L. Galbraith, M.D. 1890, from Philadelphia, PA

Harry G. Geissenger, M.D. 1890, from Philadelphia, PA

Thomas H. Jenkins from Pittston, PA

Albert T.W. Johnson, M.D. 1890, from Nassau, West Indies

Harry P. Lakin from Wheeling, WV

Sidley Ievers Lightfoot, M.D. 1890, from Limerick, Ireland

Herbert Linderman from Quakertown, PA

Charles W. List from Wheeling, WV

James Bartley Longshore, M.D. 1890, from Philadelphia, PA

John T. McClure from Philadelphia, PA

James W. McConnell, M.D. 1890, from Manayunk, PA

Louis P. McCormick from Connellsville, PA

James P. Mallon from Philadelphia, PA

Sheridan P. Manship, M.D. 1890, from Milton, DE

Ernest D. Martin from Danville, KY

Charles Jerome Massinger from Chalfont, PA

Charles P. Mercer from Philadelphia, PA

Thomas J. Miles from Sac & Fox Agent, Indian Terr.

Murray G. Motter, M.D. 1890, from Washington, D.C.

George M. Nicholson from Jersey City, NJ

Christopher O'Brien from Conshohocken, PA

Michael O'Hara, Jr., M.D. 1890, from Philadelphia, PA

Edwin H. Paff, M.D. 1890, from Allentown, PA

Evan Pickerell, M.D. 1890, from Minerva, KY

Granville P. Quin from Philadelphia, PA

Arthur D. Reagan from Easton, PA

Walter W. Roach, M.D. 1890, from Philadelphia, PA

John P. Rote, M.D. 1891, from San Antonio, TX

Charles S. Rottner from Philadelphia, PA

Jesus Ruiz, D.D.S. 1889, from Guayata, Columbia

William Homes Salter, A.B. 1887, from Philadelphia, PA

Louis T. Schneider from Philadelphia, PA

J. Riddle Sharp, M.D. 1890, from Harrington, DE

Richard P. Sharp from Carlisle, PA

Franklin A. Smith, Jr. from Philadelphia, PA

Joseph M. Spellissy, M.D. 1890, from Philadelphia, PA

Howard Stanton from Philadelphia, PA

Earle Strain, M.D. 1890, from Flesherton, Canada

Charles A. Striegel from Shenandoah, VA

George Pierce Thomas from Philadelphia

Alexander S. Thompson from York, PA

Jacob F. Trexler from Mertztown, PA

John L. Wethered, M.D. 1890, from Chestertown, MD

Harry S. Wheeler from Phoenixville, PA

Abraham E. White, M.D. 1890, from Clinton, MS

Albert D. Whiting, M.D. 1892, from Philadelphia, PA

George B. Wilson from Kittery, ME

Richard Wilson, M.D. 1890, from Philadelphia, PA

George Y. Woodland from Norristown, PA

Francisco J. Zuniga from Masaya, Nicaragua







Extracurricular life






Thomas Eakins' "The Agnew Clinic"



A large group of members of the Class of 1889 gathered on the steps of the Medical Department (now Logan Hall) in April 1887
First year students, April 1887



74 members of the Class of 1889, wearing caps and gowns and standing on the steps of the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania in June 1889
Graduation, June 1889



10 nurses with 5 doctors from the Class of 1889 (Harris, Southern, Jefferson, Keefer, Newgarden, Jefferson, Humphries)
Doctors and nurses, c. 1889



Class members gathered on the lawn of Alred Stengel's country house, 35th class reunion, summer of 1925
35th reunion, 1924