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Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania

In addition to today's customary responsibilities of managing insitutional assets and hiring senior managers, in the early 1830s the Trustees, through an elaborate committee structure, were actively engaged in the day-to-day operations of the University. The Provost did not become chief executive of the University, in the modern sense, until 1881. William Heathcote DeLancey was unusual in that he had been a Trustee before being named Provost.

This list is transcribed directly from the University Catalogue of January 1831. The Trustees are listed in order of seniority of service.

The Governor of the State, ex officio,
President of the Board

Rt. Rev. William White, D.D.
Edward Burd.
William Rawle, LL.D.
Benjamin R. Morgan.
James Gibson.
Horace Binney, LL.D.
William Meredith.
Benjamin Chew.
Rev. James P. Wilson, D.D.
Robert Waln.
John Sergeant, LL.D.
Thomas Cadwalader.
Peter S. Duponceau, LL.D.
Nicholas Biddle.
Zaccheus Collins.
Charles Chauncey, LL.D.
Joseph Hopkinson, LL.D.
Joseph R. Ingersoll.
Rev. Philip F. Mayer, D.D.
Philip H. Nicklin.
Rt. Rev. Henry U. Onderdonk, D.D.
Robert Walsh, LL.D.
John C. Lowber.
Rev. Thomas H. Skinner, D.D.

James C. Biddle, Secretary