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List of Graduating Students

This exhibit was researched and prepared by Mary D. McConaghy, November 2010.


Note that there is no surviving record of the names of students who enrolled in classes but did not graduate. However, more information is available about the lives of these graduates before and after college.


Joseph Barr (1791-1854)

Robert B. Bellville (1790-1845)

Thomas P. Bennett (life dates unknown)

Richard Biddle (1796-1847)

Clement Adam Buckley (1791-1868)

Thomas King Carroll (1793-1873)

Alfred Henry Dashiell (1793-1881)

Richard DeButts (1788-1816)

George Duffield (1794-1868)

Samuel Duffield (1795-1853)

Joseph Patterson Engles (1793-1861)

Charles Pemberton Fox (1792-1866)

Benjamin Gratz (1792-1868)

Samuel Blanchard How (1790-1868)

Lynford Lardner (1792-1834)

Rider Henry Radcliffe [Ratcliffe] (life dates unknown)

Thomas M. Ross (life dates unknown)

Isaac Clarkson Snowden (1791-1843)

James Tilghman (1792-1824)

Richard Clement Wood (life dates unknown)

Samuel Wylie (1791-1872)