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Administration and Faculty

This exhibit was researched and prepared by Mary D. McConaghy, November 2010.


Also see the list of Faculty in the Department of Medicine (Medical School).

Faculty members in the Philosophical School, 1808-1811:
(later the Department of Arts and then the College, now the College of Arts and Sciences)

John Andrews, as depicted in a portrait painting

John Andrews, A.B. 1765, D.D.
Provost, 1810-1813
Vice-Provost, 1789-1810
Professor of Moral Philosophy, 1789-1813

John McDowell, from an old print John McDowell, A.B. 1771, LL.D. (hon.) 1807
Provost, 1806-1810
Professor of Natural Philosophy, 1806-1810
Portrait of Justus Henry Christian Helmuth, 1745-1825. National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution Justus Henry Christian Helmuth, D.D.
Professor of German and Oriental Languages, 1792-1810
Robert Patterson, as depicted in a portrait painting Robert Patterson, LL.D.(hon.) 1819
Vice Provost, 1810-1813
Professor of Mathematics, 1782-1813
Professor of Natural Philosophy and Mathematics, 1810-1813
Portrait of William Rogers William Rogers, A.M. (hon.) 1773. D.D. (hon.) 1790
Professor of Oratory and English Literature, 1789-1811
  James G. Thomson, A.M.
Professor of Greek and Latin, 1806-1828