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Arranged chronologically by year of appointment

Admission ticket to John Morgan's lectures, at his house, on Materia Medica and the practice of physics, 1765 John Morgan (1735-1789) A.B. 1757, A.M. 1759
Theory and Practice of Physick, 1765-1775
Admission ticket to William Shippen's anatomical lectures, College of Philadelphia, 1768 William Shippen, Jr. (1736-1808)
Anatomy, Surgery and Midwifery, 1765-1806
1770 Admission ticket, Thomas Bond's clinical lectures at Pennsylvania Hospital Thomas Bond (1712-1784)
Lectures in Clinical Medicine at Pennsylvania Hospital, instituted in 1766
Adam Kuhn (1741-1817)
Materia Medica, Botany, Theory and Practice of Medicine, 1768-1797
Admission ticket to Benjamin Rush's chemistry lectures, 1769 Benjamin Rush (1746-1813)
Chemistry, Institutes of Medicine, Clinical Practice, Theory and Practice of Medicine, 1769-1813
Admission ticket to Caspar Wistar's chemistry and physiology lectures, 1789 Caspar Wistar (1761-1818) M.D. 1782
Chemistry, Anatomy, Midwifery and Surgery, 1789-1818
Admission ticket to lectures on materia medica by Benjamin Smith Barton at the University of Pennsylvania, 1807 Benjamin Smith Barton (1766-1815) A.M. (hon.) 1787
Materia Medica, Natural History, Botany, 1789-1815
Admission ticket to James Hutchinson's chemistry lectures at the University of Pennsylvania James Hutchinson (1752-1793) M.D. 1774
Materia Medica and Chemistry, 1789-1793
Samuel Powel Griffitts (1759-1826) M.B. 1781
Materia Medica and Chemistry, 1792-1796
Admission ticket to James Woodhouse's chemistry lectures at the University of Pennsylvania James Woodhouse (1770-1809) A.B. 1787, M.A. 1790, M.D. 1792
Chemistry, 1795-1809
  John Carson (1752-1794) A.B. 1771
Chemistry, 1794


The 187 pages (including many biographies) of this exhibit were researched, written and created by Mary D. McConaghy, Michael Silberman, and Irina Kalashnikova. This exhibit first appeared on the Web in 2004, as part of the celebration of Benjamin Franklin's 300th birthday.