History of the University of Pennsylvania

"My grandson Th. Jefferson Randolph... goes to Philadelphia to attend a course of lectures in Natural history Anatomy & Botany. He will also attend the lecturer in Surgery.... The museum of Mr. Peale, the garden of Mr. Hamilton, the anatomical preparations and dissections give to Philadelphia advantages in these branches of science not to be had elsewhere in America."

President Thomas Jefferson to Medical Department Professor Benjamin Rush, October 13, 1808


includes than 70 extensive online exhibits relating to Penn history from 1749 to the present. Many deal with such topics as campus development, administrative and institutional history, athletics, student traditions and organizations, and the growing presence of women and minorities. Other exhibits present highlights from University Archives collections of art and memorabilia. These exhibits are listed by subject and by century.



Penn Biographies
include more than 400 illustrated biographies of Penn notables

Penn Notables
include lists of those who have served within the University as trustees and top administrators, and well as Penn men and women who have served as leaders in education and politics at the national and international level from the 18th century to the present. Also featured are lists of winners of such honors as the Nobel Prize and lists of faculty and students at particular moments in Penn history.


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