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Faculty Research Club
Records, 1954 - 1978

UPQ 301

2 Cubic ft.

Access to collections is granted in accordance with the Protocols for the University Archives and Records Center.

This collection has not been fully processed. The following preliminary inventory is available.

Box 1

Membership Committee, 1954-1959

Membership Committee, 1960

Membership Committee (new members) 1963-1964

Membership Committee, 1964-1965

Research Club (working folder), 1961-1963

Membership Committee, 1965-1966

Membership List, 1967-1969

New Members, 1964-1965

Faculty Research Club New Membership, 1961-1964

Deposit Forms

Dues Paid & Finances; Faculty Research Club, 1967-1968

Faculty Research Club

[Members], 1969-1970

Faculty Research Club, 1971-1972

[Members], 1970-1971

Faculty Research Club, Archives

MAP, Morris Arboretum

Faculty Research Club, Current Expense Sheets

Faculty Research Club, Budget Summaries

Financial, 1965-1966

Receipts, Dues

Current Affairs, Correspondence

Membership Lists

Faculty Research Club, Financial

Financial Statements

Box 2

Nomination Blanks

Address List, 1975-1976


Faculty Research Club, Archives

Faculty Research club, 1972-1973

Membership Lists, 1970-1974

By Laws and Revisions

Correspondence, Procedures

Working File

Payment Records

Master Mailing List and Sets of Labels For Mailing, 1976-1977

Faculty Research Club, 1975-1976

Faculty Research Club, 1974-1975

Faculty Research Club, 1974-1975

Faculty Research Club, 1973-1974

Faculty Research Club

Faculty Research, Dues, 1977-1978

Faculty Research Club, Mtg. Announcements and Forms


Faculty Research Club, Financial Records

Faculty Research Club, Other

Receipt Book, 1961-1963

The Research Club of University of Pennsylvania,

Notice of Meetings

Membership Cards

Misc. Material