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Law School History Exhibition for the opening of Tannenbaum Hall
Collection, 1993

UPG 65

1 Cubic ft.

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Box 1


James Wilson bill to the State of Pennsylvania regarding allowances due him as a Delegate in Congress, 1784 April 5

Membership Certificate of James Wilson for membership in the American Philosophical Society, 1786 January 20

George Washington to James Wilson appointing him to the office of Associate justice on the Supreme Court, 1789 September 30

Certificate of Appointment of James Wilson as Associate Judge of the Supreme Court, signed by George Washington, 1789 September 29

Appointment of James Wilson as Associate Justice by Samuel Powel, 1789 October 18

James Wilson to George Washington regarding his appointment to the Supreme Court, 1789 October 18

Roster for B.M. Snover, University of Pennsylvania Law School, 1939 - 1940


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1 file: Obstetrics Exhibition, 1992-1994







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