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University of Pennsylvania Bicentennial, 1940
Conference Publications Collection, 1940 - 1941

UPG 200.19

1 Cubic ft.

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This small reference collection consists of the following items.


  6 files, University Bicentennial publications (including the booklet "The Story of the Bicentennial", etc.)

Vol. 1: Ed.W.Mumford, The Adventurers

Vol. 2: Carl W. Blegen, et al., Studies in the Arts & Architecture, University of Pennsylvania, 1941

Vol. 3: Alan Wace, Studies in Civilization

Vol. 4: Medical sciences (in 3 volumes)

Vol. 5: Natural Sciences (2 copies)

Vol. 5A: On Natural Resources

Vol. 6: History of Science

Vol. 8: Cytology,Genetics & Evolution

Vol. 9: Religion & Modern World

Vol. 10: Economics & Industrial Relations

Vol. 11: Political Science & Sociology (2 copies)

Vol. 12: Latin America…,1914 - 1940 (2 copies)







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