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University Relations. News Bureau
Radio Announcements and Programming Records, 1929 - 1931

UPF 8.5R

1 Cubic ft.

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Box 1

Radio Broadcasting typical announcements

General material #1

Selected clippings, radio broadcasting, 1929-1930

Columbia chain material, radio programs

Programs, radio broadcasting, 1929-1930

General material #2

Fan Mail

Radio Publicity releases, starting Oct. 1

Radio publicity releases, starting Mar. 29

Journal of the National Education Association, Jan. 1930

Directory of Faculty Authorities of University of Pennsylvania

Radio Publicity Releases, Feb. 17-Mar. 29, 1930

Radio Publicity Releases, Jan. 20-Feb. 14, 1930

Radio Publicity Releases, Nov. 3-Dec. 15, 1930

Annual Report, radio broadcasting

Radio Announcements I, Nov. 2-Dec. 12

Radio Announcements II, beginning Mon. Jan. 6

Radio Announcements III, Jan. 27-Mar. 7

Radio Announcements, March 11-March 24

Radio Announcements, March 24-April 12

Radio Announcements, April 14-May 19

Radio Announcements, May 19

Announcements, beginning Oct. 1 Folder #1

Announcements, beginning Oct. 1 Folder #2

Musical Broadcast Announcements, beginning Oct. 1, 1930

Musical Announcements, 1930-1931

Organ Correspondence

Correspondence Columbia Broadcasting

Radio Correspondence, beginning Feb. 20

Correspondence, beginning Jan. 13-Feb. 20

Radio Correspondence

No title (2 folders, "Not in an envelope")

Washington's Birthday announcements

Special Washington's Birthday exercises, Broadcast Feb. 1931