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Dean of Women
Bennett Club/Bennett Union Records, 1919 - 1966

UPE 7.9b

4 Cubic ft.

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This collection has not been fully processed. The following preliminary inventory is available.


Box 1

Budgets from office of Dean of Women for Bennett Club





Box 2

Bennett Union


Women's Student Government Association scrap book






Bennett Union correspondence, literature and files from late 1940's to 1966


Unidentified pictures from Bennett Union Board (in large manila envelope)


Pictures of Cathie Rogovin, Isabel Alin, Gail Blender, Carole Jacobson, Karen Weiner, Susan Dexter, Pat Selko, Harriet Krangel, David Lane, Carolyn Hinds, Frances Fitts

Box 3


Women's Undergraduate Association Treasurer's Report, August 1919 - Sept. 1922

Minutes of Women's Student Government Association


1928 - 1936

1949 March - 1952 March


Executive Committee Meetings

Senate Meetings, Sept. 1952 - June 1953

Minutes of the Executive Board of the Bennett Club, 1945 - 1949

Bennett Club Secretary's Book


1949 - 1953

1957 - 1960

Box 4

Bennett Club 1955-1956


Pictures of Elaine Vonderlindt, Eileen Gambill, Clara Stevenson, Advenne Sternman, Carolyn Graham, Marjorie Conole, Iris Rachman, Myra Singer, Lois Wallace, Barbara Loscher

Pictures of Eriha Angerman, Luise Kaspereit, Leone Asplundh, Marion Neu, Ursula Schuster, Falice Coady, Thelma Master, Marlene Cherksey, Jean Romberger, Ricky Logan

Bennett Union Board, 1960-1961


Pictures of Estelle Grossi, Phyllis Laver, Shelley Coplan, Toby Adler, Carol McCullough

Bennett Union Board, 1962-1963


Linda Townsend, Ruth Swart, Lucy Hutchison

Pictures of Meredith McBride, Linda Strekis, Vivian Oppen, Pat McLaughlin, Elizabeth Anderson, Jill Becker, Sandra Lotz, Peggy Coyle

1928 May Day pictures

Unidentified May Day pictures for 1920's & 1930's

Unidentified May Day pictures