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Guide to the ENIAC Trial Exhibits
Master Collection, 1864-1973 [1938 - 1971 bulk]

UPD 8.12

211 Reels
Prepared by J.M. Duffin

Access to collections is granted in accordance with the Protocols for the University Archives and Records Center.

Trial Exhibits Index


This site offers interactive access to an index of the master collection of ENIAC trial exhibits. The index is organized as a database, in which discrete data elements have been abstracted from each exhibit in the collection and entered in a single record corresponding to each court-assigned exhibit number.


These data elements include:

  • the name of the author of an exhibit (whether personal or corporate)
    In all cases where the exhibit was correspondence, the data include the names of both the creator and the recipient. In those cases in which more than one person was either the creator or recipient of an exhibit, the first two names of each have been abstracted and entered in the personal name fields. In those few instances where more than two personal names appear as creator or recipient, such names have been included in the exhibit title field.

  • the title of the exhibit
    The title of each exhibit is presented in standard bibliographical form.

  • the date of its creation


For more details consult the definition and description of each data element found in the index database.

The database index is accessible in three ways:

  • Basic Search by keyword provides a full-text search of all fields of the index.

  • Advanced Search provides full-text searches limited to selected fields.

  • Browse provides access to the any portion of or the entire index, ordered by exhibit number.