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Guide to the ENIAC Trial Exhibits
Master Collection, 1864-1973 [1938 - 1971 bulk]

UPD 8.12

211 Reels
Prepared by J.M. Duffin

Access to collections is granted in accordance with the Protocols for the University Archives and Records Center.


As described under Provenance, the master collection of ENIAC trial exhibits is composed of two records series, the plaintiff’s exhibits and the defendants’ exhibits. It was necessary, however, in facilitating the creation of the microfilm edition of the collection, to establish two supplemental records series: oversized exhibits and photographic exhibits. The U.S. District Court assigned trial exhibit numbers to all exhibits introduced in the course of the litigation. All four records series follow the Court’s numbering system and are arranged by trial exhibit number. In preparing the plaintiff’s and defendants’ exhibits for filming, the project archivist withdrew all oversized and photographic exhibits and created cross references to them. The oversized and photographic exhibits series are therefore not independent series, but rather subsets of the plaintiff’s and defendants’ exhibits series. The oversize records series contains both plaintiff’s trial exhibits and defendants’ trail exhibits. The photographic records series contains only plaintiff’s photographic trial exhibits.