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Gynecean Hospital
Records, 1887 - 1939

UPC 50.6

1 Cubic ft.

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Note: Gynecean Hospital is no longer in existence.

This collection has not been fully processed. The following preliminary inventory is available.


Box 1

[same as UPC 50.1/Box 3]


Articles of Merger and related instruments of Gynecean Hospital into the Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania (Feb. 1, 1939)

Minute book - Dec. 1887-June 27, 1938

(contains: Organization of G.H. Contributor meetings minutes, Board of Governor's minutes, Account Statements Feb. 2, 1926, June 30, 1937; July 1, 1937 - June 24, 1938, and Merger with the Trustees of U. of P.)